Terrassa City Council uses Rosmiman Gov

Terrassa City Council uses Rosmiman Gov

Terrassa City Council uses Rosmiman® Gov

Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. has been awarded with the public tender for Real Estate and Infrastructure maintenance for Terrassa City Council with Rosmiman® GOV solution.

Last 30th of July 2009 the Public Tender Awards to Supply and Maintain the Real Estate and Infrastructures Maintenance and Management Software System for the Terrassa City Council (Barcelona) were published. It was based on the offer with best price and most technical marking points; obtained on this tender proposal by Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. as in opposition to their competitors.

With this awarding, Rosmiman® GOV consolidates as a leading provider of Public Asset Management Systems being the most complete solution in the market due to its functional and operative high levels and its solid IT architecture 100% based in Web technology.

The scope of this awarding aims to provide a corporate solution to manage the Real Estate, its resources and equipment for 208 Real Estate Assets and 258 Real Estate Public Assets.

The first stage will undertake all the elaboration and mechanization work of the Real Estate catalogue corresponding to the PAME (Municipal Patronage of Education) as well as the plans for preventive, corrective, legal-technical and conductive maintenance having a period of 4 moths for its execution.

The operative criteria and the information flow will be established to incorporate brigade and technical staff as well as subcontracted companies into the management system in a way that the Municipal technical management will have real time information on the users’ needs and requests, and the work executions by monitoring the activities (execution times, description of the tasks carried out, spare parts and material replacement costs and used components, etc.)

Likewise, one of the main objectives stated in the tender proposal is to have real and exhaustive budgetary information on the basis of the important interventions and managed works done in the Buildings or Equipment that need special monitoring, whether it is for its economic management or its social repercussion.

The most important data that defines the interventions is their relation, if corresponding, with the project and the budgeting application, the intervention place, the company doing the works, their costs and the intervention data of the different stages an intervention can be found at. The system also allows adding to its data base all the documents, reports and images that can be related with the interventions so they can be accessed only by the authorised group of users.

The second stage will incorporate the remaining Real Estates from the Terrassa City Council corresponding to the areas of Civic Equipment, Logistic Area and central services area, and IMCET (Municipal Institute of Culture and Sports).

Source: Ajuntament de Terrassa

Facility Management Technology and Innovation for the Administration

Rosmiman® GOV has Facility Management functions applied to the maintenance of Buildings and Real Estate Assets in the Public Administration. All the tasks regarding management, quality control and certifications of the services provided by the subcontracted companies are managed in an effective and easy way with Rosmiman ® GOV. The advantages are:

  • Immediate scalability of the solution
  • Information security
  • Universal accessibility
  • Criteria unification
  • Real-time information
  • Transversality of information
  • Only data philosophy
  • Fast and immediate system execution

Rosmiman® GOV has an extensive functional level for the inventory, any type of public asset management and maintenance, as well as a management oriented to Citizen Attention in services and Public Roads.

At present, more than 50 local corporations around Spain use Rosmiman ® GOV platform for both, as a corporate solution for the Management of Services and Urban Infrastructures and Citizen Attention as well as the management of specific service areas like the Management of Waste, Plumbing infrastructure, Public Lighting and Energy management, etc.