Nissan Motor Iberica

Nissan Motor Iberica

Rosmiman® Auto Marks the 10th Anniversary if its Start-Up in the Plant of Nissan Motor Iberica (Zona Franca, Barcelona).

Last December marked the 10th Anniversary of the start-up of Rosmiman® Auto in the production Plant of Nissan Motor Iberica in the Zona Franca of Barcelona.

The persons in charge of the Maintenance of the Plant have a satisfactory memory from the change process and update from a proprietary system based on a HP3000 solution to Windows® technology and Oracle®. The migration process was complex due to the high volume of information to handle corresponding to all the maintenance plans from the different workshops in the Plant of Zona Franca; Bodywork, Paint, Assembly, Engines and Maintenance in General, as well as a high number of users and systems affected.

Over these 10 years with our customer, there have been several system developments and improvements as well as the expansion of the solution to other areas and Nissan Plants in Spain. Web solutions have been incorporated for the management of spare parts and material requests for the different workshops, as well as the removal of printed forms through information and management points in the Plant.

The loyalty of our customer is based on an excellent service, assistance and support offered by the technical and commercial team of Rosmiman Software Corporation, as well as the excellent professional technical team of Nissan Motor Iberica that has kept a professional and fluent relationship over these 10 years of hard work. The common synergies have also been improved to optimize all the processes of the maintenance management and information of the plant to adapt to the new human resources and technical needs that have emerged during this time in a competitive, complex, demanding and dynamic activity due to the nature of the automotive market and its constant evolution.

Our thanks and congratulations to all the technical team of Nissan Motor Iberica, with which we have maintain a great human and professional relationship, as well as to the different workshops and departments involved; purchases, administration, work safety, etc. and with which we expect to enjoy their friendship and collaboration at least a decade more.

Source: Nissan Motor Iberica

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About Rosmiman® Auto

Rosmiman® Auto contributes to the production process and the organization of the departments of the automotive industry, the exhaustive description of the main and auxiliary equipments, moulds and tools, etc. as key elements of the production, its classification and enumeration in the processes where they are used, and the vehicle they are made for.

Rosmiman® Auto deals with the management of the quality referential for compliance with the quality standards and certificates of each company, as well as their links with the organization of the production, the distribution of machinery in the plant and the route of the parts in plant from the warehouse of raw materials to its shipment to the finished products warehouse.

Rosmiman® Auto considers, from a 360 degrees vision, the organization and the comprehensive management of the maintenance, in practical application. Starting from the organization of the Maintenance Department in relation to their own human resources and subcontractors, and the application of methodologies related with the organization of the production, Rosmiman® Auto provides the following functionalities and methodologies;

Maintenance Management (*):
  • Corrective Maintenance (Planned and not planned).
  • Preventive Maintenance (Systematic, predictive, scheduled).
  • Regulatory reviews.
  • Maintenance Plans under RCM Methodology – Reliability Centered Maintenance.
  • Proactive Maintenance.
  • Autonomous Maintenance.
Methods and tools for the effectiveness in the production system:
  • TPM – Total Productive Maintenance.
  • AMDEC – Analysis of the modes of failure, its effects and criticality.
  • SMED – Change in the manufacturing in less than 10 minutes.
  • What, Who, Where, When, How and Why – The six questions that should be asked to identify and characterize a problem objectively.
  • 5S – Quickly get a tidy factory

About Rosmiman Software Corporation | Rosmiman® MMS

Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. is an engineering company specialized in specialized in MMS Solutions (Asset Maintenance Management Solutions) based in the product Rosmiman® MMS. Our mission is to generate value to our customers through the development, by means of our own Software, of advance solutions in the area of Information Systems for asset, industrial state and infrastructures management and maintenance, contributing in the evolution of the information systems of our customers, adding value in the creation and development of their business strategies.
For this purpose we integrate over traditional platforms a group of applications based in Web technologies characterized for their robustness and high reliability. We offer a high functionality that covers the specific needs of our customers, adapting perfectly to their requirements.

Our offer is organized in vertical specific sectors and it is directed to customers with development plans or projects to implant management and maintenance asset solutions. Our innovative product is focused on sectors such as Industry, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate & Facility Management, Professional Services, Public Administration, Health, Environmental, Traffic, Transportation and Automotive.

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