CLOUD Services

Our accessible and sustainable cloud-based alternative, so you can access the broadest suite of multisector solutions for Asset Management in the market.

Cloud Technology


Transform and adapt your business for the future.

Flexible, adaptable to your needs and infinitely scalable. Under MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION modality no matter the size of your organisation.

You just need a standard browser and internet connection from wherever you are. We willl take care of the rest.


Forget about the IT infrastructure. We will deploy it to you in 3 days. Start using our solutions in less than 8 weeks with our accelerated commissioning processes.

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You will have immediate updates, new revisions and modules. You decide if you use them or not. Forget about installation processes, compatibility of operating systems, etc.


You can access our solutions from any device and you can manage them for your greater security.



Accessibility to your data in real time, when, how and from anywhere.

Fast deployment


Commissioning quickly and without complexities.

Maximum security


Availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.

Flexible model


Less investment in monthly subscription mode.



We align with your internalization and globalization strategies.

High performance standards


Very high availability infrastructure 24x7x365. Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 15504, ISO 27001, TIER III, TIER IV.

Global knowledge

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Access to knowledge databases, ranges and legal preventives of different regulations.

Disaster recovery


Contingency plans. Immediate response to interruptions, threats and other incidents.

Our Cloud services and the servers of this service are physically located in EU territory and in secure environments that meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Our solutions periodically undergo independent security, privacy and compliance controls.

ROSMIMAN has been a pioneer in the provision of Cloud services since 2000


Historical availability


Cloud Clients


ISO, TIER III, TIER IV certifications


Clients’ Loyalty & Permanence

Year 2000

1st CLOUD Client


Smartphones & Tablets

+100 mill.

Managed Assets


Countries accessing to our CLOUD




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