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More than 25 years growing up with you

Today ROSMIMAN® brings together all the talents, skills, experiences and resources that have modelled who we are after 25 years of experience. Leading the market in Spain and consolidating our international position, with brand integrity, applying best practices, with the trust and continued loyalty of our customers, we offer reliable and committed services providing our smart solutions based on results and cutting-edge technology


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Our history:


Since its inception in 1994, our organization has been based on respect for each individual and on enhancing the ethical and creative values ​​of our team of professionals, in turn, transferring these values ​​to our clients and collaborators.

We have always enhanced long-term and lasting relationships, as well as cooperation, that allow us to travel the path of technology and its changes in a safer and more effective way.

After more than 25 years of presence in the market, we have undertaken the technological changes that technological evolution has imposed us with effort and dedication, adapting our ideas, solutions, methodologies and way of thinking in order to continue leading the market of technological solutions in the sector .

We successfully undertook the technological decade (2007 – 2017), adopting in our solutions most of the software, telecommunications and internet technologies, mobility and the GPS revolution while offering advanced products and services compared to other products and solutions on the market; In 1998 we were pioneers in offering the use of our solutions through the Internet, in 2000 the first 100% web-enabled ROSMIMAN version was born, rewriting all its code and architecture, being the first Spanish asset management solution available with this technology.

We will continue to incorporate knowledge and creativity, adapting to the times and changes that are currently taking place at an incredible pace, building our path to the future.