Sanitas Adopts ROSMIMAN Facilities Solution for Facility Management and Maintenance

Sanitas is the Spanish leader company for private health insurance (individual and corporate).

The solution is based on Rosmiman Software Corporation Rosmiman® Facilities solution. Rosmiman® Facilities allows your company to know the global cost of owning a property during its life. It facilitates the integrated management of all the aspects concerning the exploitation and maintenance of real estate assets. It helps to reduce total real estate costs, enabling the implementation of complex preservation plans, as well as the planning of provisioning needs.

The system is set as a sole and corporate solution, integrated with the corporate ERP systems. It is based on 100% Web technologies both for alphanumeric environments, and for graphic and space environments for the management of buildings’ planimetric information.

The standardized information model facilitates the integration of all in-house departments: real property management, purchasing, accountability, occupational safety, electromedine, etc. This model also manages the relationship with service companies maintaining equipment an infrastructures under a “unique data” phylosophy, as the data managed by these companies is directly integrated in the operating flow of Rosmiman® Facilities system.

The system allows Sanitas to develop preventive maintenance plans, calibrations, occupational safety plans, as well as to maintain legal and technical data in order to comply with the specific technical regulations such as IEC-60601-1 and quality management standards such as ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO13485 (health technologies and electromedicine services).

Likewise, Rosmiman® Facilities’ Space Planning module allows to enhance and streamline the use and occupation of the available spaces in all buildings and facilities throughout Spain. It also enables their financial management and planning the evolution and response to the service requests made by Sanitas’s back office and medical departments.

In short, Rosmiman® Facilities will permit Sanitas to develop a global strategic plan for the efficient, streamlined and profitable managment of more than 100 general medical centers, hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories, primary care centers, administrative offices distributed all over Spain, as well as the corporation’s headquarters in Madrid. The main goal of Sanitas is to achieve a better quality and efficiency for the benefit of their custormers thanks to the intensive and extensive incorporation of all memeers of the organization to the use of new techonologies in asset management, mobility systems and second generation RFID identification systems.

Source: Sanitas

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