What is next for IT in FM?

Cloud computing is becoming big in facilities management

The facilities management sector is ripe for a technology boost, according to Antonio Ramírez Mayo, general manager, Rosmiman MMS.

Rosmiman Software Corporation is the parent company behind Rosmiman MMS, wich is a CAFM system for maintenance automation and asset management.

“All our clients are looking at cloud computing. Wile they can be based anywhere in the world, the systems are located in Europe,” eplains Mayo.

What is next for IT in FM?

“I think cloud computing is becoming bigger in facilities management, especially for middle-sized and small companies. All the large companies already have an in-house service, but small and medium companies are more interested in this,” explains Mayo.

He adds that, while many CAFM software companies have started in the region recently with cloud computing, Rosmiman has been offering it since 2000. In addintion to being a CAFM system, it is also a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Software), which Mayo explains is “100% Dynamic” and can be adapted to suit any kind of need.

One of the company’s biggest clients is Arabtec EnviroGreen FM, and this year it signed an agreement with Kuwait-based firm ESG to launch Rosmiman in the country. Mayo adds that the company is hoping to spread its presence across more GCC countries.

“We are definitely interested in the Middle East,” adds Mayo.

Source: http://www.constructionweekonline.com/pics-19435-in-pictures-fm-expo-2012-dubai/5