ROSMIMAN® CMMS&CAFM develop team obtains the ISO/IEC 15504 and ISO/IEC 12207 certified by Lloyd’s Register

Last October the implementation and development team of ROSMIMAN® CMMS&CAFM software has obtained the certification LRQA ISO/IEC 15504 “Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination” also denominated SPICE, and ISO/IEC 12207 “Systems and software engineering – Software life cycle processes”.

Both were derived from lifecycle’s standard processes and also from maturity models named “Evaluation maturity models of software process”.

With these certifications ROSMIMAN® CMMS & CAFM becomes itself in the only software product on the market of specific products for Facility Management that has such an international certification which allows customers and system users of ROSMIMAN ® to have the highest levels of quality and safety software that they use in their companies, as well as a high level of quality and standardization of management’s processes and project’s implementation.

Normally and according to the standards, the certification is valid for three years, after which it is renewed after a full audit of the management system. The objective of this renewal’s audit is to confirm the continuous effectiveness on the system in the three years of certification and how this system has contributed to the company’s improvement related to the evaluated normative, either from the point of view of quality, environment or safety. The re-assessment is designed to give the company and its customers the confidence that the management system still have the conditions and requirements of the applicable normative.

Capability levels and process attributes

For each process, ISO/IEC 15504 defines a capability level on the following scale

5Optimizing process
4Predictable process
3Established process
2Managed process
1Performed process
0Incomplete process

The capability of processes is measured using process attributes. The international standard defines nine attributes:

1.1 Process Performance

2.1 Performance Management

2.2 Work Product Management

3.1 Process Definition

3.2 Process Deployment

4.1 Process Measurement

4.2 Process Control

5.1 Process Innovation

5.2 Process Optimization.

Each process attribute consists of one or more generic practices, which are further elaborated into practice indicators to aid assessment performance. The ROSMIMAN® team has obtained “Level 2” in the certification process.

Each process attribute is assessed on a four-point (N-P-L-F) rating scale:

Acceptance of ISO/IEC 15504

ISO/IEC 15504 has been successful as:

ISO/IEC 15504 is publicly available through National Standards Organizations.

It has the support of the international community.

Over 4000 assessments have been performed to date.

Major sectors are leading the pace such as automotive, space and medical systems with industry relevant variants.

Domain-specific models like Automotive SPICE and SPICE 4 SPACE can be derived from it.

There have been many international initiatives to support take-up such as SPICE for small companies.