It has been one year since the Kuwaiti company Engineering Systems Group, ESG, and the Spanish company Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. met for the first time and started together the journey to launch and distribute ROSMIMAN® MMS in Kuwait.

During February 2012, the CEO of Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. travelled to Kuwait to meet personally with the CEO of ESG to negotiate and sign together the collaboration agreement between both companies to cooperate together in order to commercialize, implement and provide support and training services for the software system proprietary of Rosmiman Software Corporation ROSMIMAN® MMS.

Both companies have developed a strategic plan in order to launch ROSMIMAN® MMS in the Kuwait market and to increase brand awareness. The hard work done by both parties during this year has allowed them to gain very good opportunities in both the private and public sector. The intense plan prepared by this partnership for the next years will allow them to position ROSMIMAN® MMS as one of the leading CMMS & CAFM Systems in Kuwait.


Engineering Systems Group k.s.c.c. (ESG) is a Kuwait based shareholding company, with more than a decade of diverse experience in engineering and management consulting company since 1999.

ESG developed a distinct technical skills and management strategies to achieve all the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints to bring about beneficial change or added value. The ESG project management office works within the established and proven framework. ESG assists client’s plan, guide and optimize their project and establish a partnership with them working towards their goals.

Lead through competence, creativity and teamwork, ESG delivers excellencewith discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources. Westrive for continues improvement and respond vigorously to change. ESG give yours utmost effort to exceed your client’s expectations to deliver the project with minimum time and cost while providing them the maximum returns.

ESG offers a wide range of Engineering and Technical services. Our services cover the full range from inception of ideas to carrying it out inrealization, and administer it further after completion.With our diverse professional structure together with our alliance in local and international firms, ESG brings the expertise to provide satisfactory professional services in the following area of ESG specialty:

  • Planning consultation
  • Project Construction Management
  • Facility Management
  • Property Evaluation

ESG provide value added services to your Clients seeking to develop projects through a fully Integrated Engineering Solutions (IES). ESH IES entails applicable and cohesive framework of technical, tender and legal components. This framework will ensure that projects are accomplished on time, quality and within the set budget.


dasa Sistemas S.L. is an engineering company specialized in solutions for Asset Management and Maintenance based on the product ROSMIMAN® MMS. Our mission is to help our customers, through advanced IT solutions, to manage more effectively all tasks related with asset maintenance.

Thanks to its innovative architecture, flexibility, consistency and wide functionality ROSMIMAN® MMS has positioned itself in the international markets as one of the most competitive Asset Management and Maintenance System. ROSMIMAN® MMS is 100% Web Enabled; it is an excellent solution for the implementation of international projects for a comprehensive facilities management and maintenance, for both the public and private sectors. The tool is available in 8 languages, including Chinese, Turkish, and 3 Spanish local/regional languages.

Our offer is organized into specific vertical industries and is aimed at customers with development plans or initiatives for the implementation of solutions for asset management and maintenance in the Industry and Energy, Professional Services, Public Administration, Environment, Traffic and Transport and Health.

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