ROSMIMAN®: Cutting-edge technology for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain (UAE)

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The Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in the United Arab Emirates implements the most innovative IT infrastructure for controlling all activities related to the Facility Management and Vehicle Fleet Management Departments by introducing state-of-the-art technology of ROSMIMAN® IWMS Global Site to work as demanded by the local government about operating with mobile applications before year 2020.

The project has been executed in conjunction with ITQAN, our official partner in the UAE. The new platform integrates the ROSMIMAN® IWMS Global Site system with cutting-edge ruggedized smartphones to carry on preventive, corrective, normative and legal maintenance tasks executed by internal technicians, supervisors and external service providers, helping the Zoo to optimise time & money, as well as improve interaction between the maintenance teams and the end-users.

The 900-hectare huge area of the Zoo facilities has always been a gap for any maintenance activity, now, with this new technology, the saved time has increased the productivity of maintenance teams due to the immediate response from the technicians regardless their current location, and even internal transportation expenses have also been reduced thanks to the use of smartphones integrated with ROSMIMAN® IWMS Global Site.

               ROSMIMAN®: Cutting-edge technology for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain (UAE)      ROSMIMAN®: Cutting-edge technology for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain (UAE)  ROSMIMAN®: Cutting-edge technology for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain (UAE)

ROSMIMAN® mobile applications installed on smartphones, allow end-users to scan QR codes of  assets (RFID and barcodes included), saving time on data entry, adding the possibility to attach before/after pictures, take meter readings, add PPM checkpoints, receive security alerts, indicate costs & expenses, request materials from the warehouse and generate time-sheets automatically.

With ROSMIMAN® Mobility, end-users can now fill service satisfaction surveys directly on their smartphones as well as add digital signatures which is very important for quality control.

“This system implementation places us at the forefront of technology at organizational and regulatory level as well as in the use and operation of facilities and critical services for the conservation-based zoos and aquariums.…”


About Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain

ROSMIMAN®: Cutting-edge technology for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain (UAE)

Founded in 1968 by the late Sheikh Zayed, Al Ain Zoo is a true family destination, providing entertainment and learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment. Being concerned about the wildlife and nature of his homeland all his life, the late Sheikh Zayed established this unique zoo in the Middle East with the vision of creating natural habitats for animals to live freely.

The Zoo & Aquarium Public Institute in Al Ain (ZAPIA) is a 900-hectare park, home to over 4,000 animals, with at least 30% of its 180 species considered endangered.

Since its founding, Al Ain Zoo has been a centre for endangered species conservation, most notably the successful breeding of desert antelopes and gazelles, such as the endangered Arabian Oryx. Conservation efforts have been strengthened by its strategic partnerships with the World Conservation Union and Species Survival Commission, San Diego Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA), among others.

Through education, research and conservation programs, Al Ain Zoo is building a reputation for excellence and leadership in the international conservation community through saving endangered species and their habitats.

About ROSMIMAN® IWMS Global Site

Assets & Facilities Maintenance Management for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain, UAE.Rosmiman® IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) is the new generation of systems designed to control and comprehensively manage the entire REAL ESTATE portfolio of buildings and assets, their infrastructures, equipment and services, within a single unified platform.


General benefits by using ROSMIMAN®:

  • Lower Investment: Save time and resources in infrastructure, management, staff and maintenance of your IT systems to focus on your own business goals.
  • Overall Visibility: Users will have access to a variety of predefined reports and KPIs while information will be centralized, thus you will have a more global view of your business.
  • Immediate ROI: Reduction in implementation times and investment, with which you will perceive your return on investment and achievement of goals faster.
  • Higher Performance: Your applications will benefit from the latest updates and will be kept at the cutting-edge technologies, in a powerful and efficient infrastructure for better performance of their operations.


ROSMIMAN®: Cutting-edge technology for the Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain (UAE)

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