Top 5 facts about Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Assistance Tools

Top 5 facts about professional remote assistance solutions

If you are relatively new to the concept of remote assistance solutions, it is a common misunderstanding to see it as a more advanced version of other remote connection solutions like FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and other professional video call software.

So…what’s the difference between augmented reality remote assistance and regular mainstream video calls?


Funny artifacts or useful tools?

Most video call platforms like Facetime or Google Meet have augmented reality features that add effects or accessories to your calls. A sunny beach on the background and a funny pair of rabbit ears might be interesting for an informal video call but are less appropriate to help someone solve a technical problem or inspect a piece of an asset. With AR remote assistance, you have access to tools to better enable you at guiding the person you are talking with. If I have a malfunctioning component, you can use the pointer to show where I need to press to open the control panel. You can also record video and take photos in order to show how to turn on one function or disable another. These are simple example highlights of exactly what AR remote assistance is designed for, to connect users with an expert who can do it with a professional attitude.


Problem focus or people focus?

With a regular video call, you usually want to hold a conversation with your friends or family where you can also see each other. So, you look at each other, even if you might turn the camera around to show your dog doing something astonishing.

However, in a remote assistance call, the purpose is to jointly look at the issue. Instead of ‘person X’ seeing ‘person Y’, with remote support, both parties are looking at the same reality. If I am connecting with a service technician to get help repairing a malfunctioning machine, it is much easier to collaborate if we both see a clear image of what my camera shows, versus me only seeing a miniature version up in the right corner of the screen.

‘In a remote support call, the purpose is to jointly look at the same problem, not at each other.’


Shall I use a web application or an app?

In the case of person-to-person video calls, both parties in the conversation need to have the same software installed. This is not a big issue when you connect regularly or if both have a Gmail account and decide to go for a meet call.

In a business setting, this is a bit more complicated. As a service technician that provides support to customers, you need to connect with new people every day. For every one of these interactions, you don’t want to waste time on deciding which remote video solution to use, but instead you want one that works with anyone. Which is exactly what remote assistance solutions are built for.

With Rosmiman® IWMS through Remote eye’s technology, only the person who starts the call needs the app (or desktop application) installed. You can then share a link with the person you want to call. When the other person links to the call through their web browser, there is no need for them to download an app or create an account: they just need to click on a link, and it doesn’t matter what type of smartphone they have as long as it has a data connection and a camera.


 Remote assistance or remote entertainment?

Using professional solutions is just as easy as making a regular video call to enjoy a distant drink with a friend. And it is especially useful when you need to solve problems around malfunctioning machine, or perhaps do a remote inspection as part of your preventative maintenance or sometimes train new employees on the field. But if you just need to catch up with a friend… a normal video call is just fine. Each solution has its own intended use, which it’s optimised for.


ROI: Remote Simplicity makes a great investment

Since Rosmiman® IWMS is completely integrated with Remote Eye’s technology and it’s built with simplicity in mind, we can guarantee that you will be able to implement the solution in a short amount of time, with a minimum amount of training. Save on travel, save time and optimise your after sales service to obtain a fast return on your investment!




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