The hospitals of our client Sanitas, lead the ranking of private healthcare in Spain

Los hospitales de nuestro cliente Sanitas, en el Top de la sanidad privada de España

Sanitas hospitals are a benchmark for excellence in care and a job well done according to the indicators used throughout the world. In fact, they appear every year in the honor roll of all rankings and awards in the healthcare sector: Joint Commission International, the EFQM European model of excellence, the Top 20 Hospitals Program or the QH *** Awards of the IDIS Foundation, among others.

One possible definition of the reputation of a person or a company is what we say about them when they are not in front. What happens when someone asks healthcare professionals, patient associations, specialised journalists and health executives?

That Sanitas hospitals continue to appear in prominent positions on the honor roll. This has been shown once again by the Merco Health Reputation Monitor MRS, which in its latest edition shows the following result:

  • The Sanitas La Zarzuela University Hospital revalidates its 4th position among the best centers in the country.
  • The Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital rises one position and is positioned as the 6th center with the best reputation in Spain.
  • The Sanitas Virgen del Mar Hospital returns to the elite of Spanish private health in the 14th position, making the most significant rise in the ranking.
  • The Sanitas CIMA Hospital continues to increase its good reputation and is ranked 21st among the Spanish private hospitals.
  • In addition, the Manises Health Department, managed by Sanitas since its opening, maintains its 25th position and is considered by all the interest groups analysed by MERCO with one of the reference centers in relation to the trust it generates in its audiences.

“Reputation is a direct consequence of doing things well and of being clear that our goal is to respond to the needs of our patients. At Sanitas, we are fortunate to have top-level healthcare professionals who allow us to offer each person the most precise solution for their specific health problem. Many thanks to all the doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators of our hospitals for their commitment to our patients. We are very satisfied to continue being a reference for Merco’s MRS Health Reputation Monitor and we will continue working so that our patients continue to entrust us with their health ”, explained Dr. José Francisco Tomás, general director of Sanitas Hospitales.

The Health Reputation Monitor, now in its seventh edition, has analysed the hospitals’ reputation throughout Spain in different interest groups (medical, nursing, pharmacy professionals, patient associations, specialised journalists and health executives) to establish an index with the centers that obtain the best scores. These data are combined with objective care and management indicators to offer a snapshot of the reputation of the hospitals operating in our country.

Leaders in MERCO

In recent months Sanitas has consolidated its presence in the Merco Ranking thanks to its relevance in several categories, including Merco Companies & Leaders 2020, where it remains in position 27 in the ranking, and in which Iñaki Ereño, Group CEO of Bupa , rose to 52nd place among the 100 most reputable business leaders.

In Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance, the company is in the top 20, specifically in position 19, thanks, among other measures, to its Healthy Cities project, which promotes the protection of the quality of life while protecting the environment . Finally, in Merco Talento Sanitas is the company in the healthcare sector with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent, and it is ranked 15th among the 100 most attractive Spanish companies to work for.

Source: Sanitas Web


About Sanitas

The hospitals of our client Sanitas, lead the ranking of private healthcare in Spain

Sanitas was founded in 1954 and after more than 60 years of experience it has become the leading health and wellness company in Spain. Currently, it offers products and services adapted to the real health needs of people at all stages of their life, integrated under a single health model that includes health insurance services, health and dental care and care for the elderly.

Since 1989 it has been part of Bupa, a leading international health company, serving more than 16.5 million clients in health insurance, 10.6 million in medical provision and 33,100 in nursing homes. One of the peculiarities of the group is that it has no shareholders. This allows the profits to be reinvested in the business itself to improve the services it offers to its customers.


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ROSMIMAN® Healthcare offers you the most advanced technological solutions for the management of Maintenance and Facility Management services for infrastructures and medical equipment in the healthcare and social services sector and both in the private and public health entities.

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Public and private entities and institutions from the Healthcare sector of our country rely on ROSMIMAN® solutions: +300 ICS Primary Care Centres – Catalan Health Institute, Althaia, Xarxa Asistencial of Manresa, Domusvi – Residential and Assistance, Sanitas Residential, Bellvitge University Hospital, La Moraleja Hospital, La Zarzuela Hospital, Virgen del Mar Hospital, Cima Hospital, Manises Hospital, Torrejón University Hospital, Vancouver Island Health Authority (Canada).


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