How many people does your company employ?

ROSMIMAN has a team of highly qualified professionals with specific certification in Project Management Professional (PMP®) from the Project Management Institute, a proven work methodology tested on ISO/IEC 20000 standard and a wide experience in the implementation of solutions for the Asset Management, Facility Management and Maintenance Automation in all its fields to ensure excellence.

Currently, the ROSMIMAN team consists of 52 professionals and engineers in the departments of R&D, software development, support, consulting and implementation services, in more than 15 countries. This is without counting the support received from all of our partners and distributors in different countries of the world.

What are the core products and services you’re offering the FM industry in the Middle East?

ROSMIMAN is a company specialized in the design, implementation and development of CMMS/EAM/CAFM/BIM solutions for Asset Management, Maintenance, Facility Management and Facility Services.

Facility Management is a constantly evolving field. In ROSMIMAN SOFTWARE CORPORATION we are aware that we must give our customers the latest trends and available technologies on the fastest, most reliable, proven and safe way to add value by helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector. Recognizing this, ROSMIMAN® offers a suite of specific software products and related services to Facility Management and Facility Services. The tool has different environments or customized web portals depending on the needs of each user type. Thus, the information is always updated and available from anywhere at any time in a simple and effective way.

Based on the principle of “easy to use and understand”, Rosmiman®Facilities allows each company to know the global cost of owning a property during its life cycle. It facilitates the integrated management of all the aspects concerning the exploitation and maintenance of real estate assets. It helps to reduce total real estate costs, enabling the implementation of complex preservation plans, as well as the planning of provisioning needs.

For the FM market in the Middle East we are offering the latest technological advances and the most innovative strategies in the implementation, management, use and development of CAFM Systems:

  • Smart Building / Smart Energy / Smart Metering /Smart Property Management Solutions and BMS / BEMS / FMS systems, on a single unified platform and based on Cloud Computing.
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) for the use of the information of the elements, graphic features, physical properties of construction, components and geolocation, sustainability and maintenance information related to the building model according to how it was built.
  • HTML5 Web Systems and BYOD access to information at any time, from anywhere through a mobile device.
  • RFID, QR and NFC Identification systems for inventory, location and identification of assets and operations on them.

Nowadays, we have seen greater interest in mobility solutions from our customers, we have recently been asked to incorporate mobility solutions to existing customers and new customers have come to us asking for mobility solutions to manage their FM Services.

We have seen a notorious evolution in this regards and a very positive acceptance of new technologies, not only for mobility solutions but also for having the CAFM system in Cloud Computing, something we were pioneers to offer in the Middle East some years ago.

What makes your organization stand out from the competition?

With over 20 years of expertise, ROSMIMAN represents a solid proposition in the Maintenance Management Software market.

With ROSMIMAN®, ROSMIMAN provides any company with a comprehensive facility management solution endorsed by more than 5,500 users in more than 15 countries. The constant research and implementation of major projects with the use of new technologies have enabled ROSMIMAN® to be one of the most complete Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) specialized software products on the market and with more integrated functionality on a single product.

Keeping up with state-of-the-art technologies, ROSMIMAN® Facilities is in a continuous improvement thanks to dedication of its R&D team. We are recognized for our high level of innovation, versatility and our ability to adapt to the needs of each one of our clients.

How has your company invested in customer care and support in the last 12 months?

ROSMIMAN has its modern headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) where services are provided to our clients in over 15 countries. It has more than 500 m2 equipped with the highest level of technological infrastructures for the development of tasks related to customer care and support, with 2 own data centers to offer comprehensive solutions of outsourcing services for Asset Management tool, all this supported with the most advanced technology in Cloud basis.

Investments in customer care and support services are based on a HelpDesk service infrastructure for international support coverage to facilitate our clients to access to care and support applications with availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in more than 5 languages​​, providing corrective, adaptive and evolutionary maintenance services, implementation of Asset Management and Maintenance with ROSMIMAN® Smart support web: Smart website support for handling service requests, incidents, etc. and track their progress, classifying incidents according to their degree of difficulty, priority or criticality and have access to information to our knowledge base.

The latest addition is to have a system of global visual tracker in our data center based on a video-wall with over 25 m2 of total area where it is possible to display all the parameters and status variables in our data, support and customer care center.

The whole process of support and customer service has the ISO9001: 2008 TÜV Rheinland Certification.

What is the company’s strategy for 2015?

ROSMIMAN has set a 2015-2020 strategic plan that will allow us to evolve to become a global provider of technologies, solutions and smart services (Smart Solutions).

We expect fascinating years ahead of great social, business, and structural changes that will be produced at high speed. We have set our development goals to meet these challenges and to lead the market in a distinctive way.

The 2020 plan further reinforces our R&D efforts and the technological infrastructure itself thanks to the strong investment in recent years and our innovative thinking, which has helped us to break away from traditional business models to provide a most advanced and smarter one that can offer to our customers more competitive, comprehensive and efficient solutions integrating technologies, cloud computing, mobility and much more.

The priority objective plan for 2020 is to consolidate our projects in the Middle East from our operational base in Dubai (UAE), strengthening relations with our partners and distributors as global partners based on the exchange of knowledge and technology. For this purpose, the 2015-2020 plan includes a generous investment to reinforce our human resources and infrastructures in the UAE.