“Scope of CAFM”


How has CAFM evolved over the years?

CAFM Systems have naturally evolved from the traditional CMMS & CAFM systems to IWMS Global Site Systems, like ROSMIMAN® IWMS, which are integrated into single technologies and single data repositories with more functional, operational and technological scope in accordance with the IWMS definition carried out by Gartner (word-leading institute in the software and technology fields).

Nowadays, we have a new generation of systems for the comprehensive management of real estate assets, their infrastructures, equipment and services with new technological capabilities: Smart GIS, Smart Mobility, CAD/BIM systems, IoT connectivity, OpenData, Smart Buildings, Smart Glasses, etc.

In what way has CAFM helped in improving the overall functionality of services?

We have helped our customers in different ways depending the functionality of services and industry sectors. This is perfectly measurable in the short term, benefiting our customers from a rapid return on investment (ROI) and achieving significant results and savings. We can highlight the decrease of operating costs, extension of useful life of real estate assets, mitigation of risks, unified criteria (organization, operation and evolution), sustainability and energy efficiency and continuous improvement.

Are end-users still utilizing CAFM to its full capacity or is there still a lack of awareness?

End-users are becoming more aware about CAFM functionalities and their short terms benefits. We believe that the key to greater awareness is to present a user-friendly environment and fully flexible solution to provide the end-users the functionalities that are really necessary.

When it comes to company workers, the possibility to create multiple user profiles, assures an easy way to take advantage of those functionalities directly related with their roles or positions in the company. Regarding technicians and subcontractors, we can provide specific web portals and apps. Moreover, similar solutions are available to interact with tenants, citizens, municipalities, etc.

How does one go about selecting the right CAFM system for themselves?

Nowadays the market offers a huge number of CAFM solutions that makes difficult for customers to select the right CAFM. From our point of view, a CAFM solution must cover the company functionalities but with enough flexibility to do not penalty the customer’s pockets with unnecessary ones and at the same time, capable to include new modules and functionalities in the future. In short words, fit to the company needs and grow up with them. It is what ROSMIMAN provides with its modular solution.

Last but not least, identifying the CAFM provider infrastructure in the region. At present, in partnership with ITQAN, local company subsidiary of Emirates Advanced Investments Group (EAIG Group), ROSMIMAN is proud to provide expertise resources in both English & Arabic to provide consultancy services, implementation and technical support and local hosting in very high availability servers with maximum-security environments and turnkey solutions, software & hardware, as result of collaboration between both companies.

What has been the trend in the Middle East?

Based on our experience: Mobility, cloud-based system and system integration.

Rosmiman® Smart Mobility provides both real savings and measurable benefits with low investment and fast ROI for organizations that decide to incorporate these technologies into their processes and provide them to their users. With cloud-based solution our customers can experience much faster implementation, the system requires NO configuration, it does NOT require IT staff, updates and maintenance are included, it does NOT require Hardware/Infrastructure investment and is ease of payment under a monthly subscription. Regarding system integration, the trend are Graphic Management Systems & GIS, ERPs and BMS & Smart Metering.


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“Scope of CAFM”With over 25 years of experience, ROSMIMAN is the leading provider in designing, implementing and developing solutions for Asset management, Maintenance and Facility Management & Services.

With more than 500 companies in 16 countries as clients and a highly-qualified team of professionals and engineers with PMP® certifications, under the best practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and PRINCE2 methodologies, to manage, design, build and implement high added value projects to our customers, ROSMIMAN has all the talents, skills, experiences and resources which have shaped what we are: market presence with brand integrity, continued trust and loyalty of our clients and reliable, and committed services for more than 10,000 direct users from 30 different sectors using ROSMIMAN® solutions every day in their companies.

We combine advanced technology and investment in R+D+i, with extensive operational experience, to deliver innovative and practical solutions aimed at maximising the maintenance and facility management operations of our clients. We focus on providing practical, useful, simple, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions, so that the use of technology in business is not an obstacle, understanding the kind of current and future challenges faced by our customers in every industry and activity.


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