ROSMIMAN® has been awarded by public tender the BARCELONA PORT AUTHORITY (APB) amounting more than 1M € and a 3-year project plan.

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  • The projected contract implementation will be for a period of three years and three possible one-year extensions.
  • The system will manage APB’s conservation procedures and maintenance of infrastructures and networks coordinating more than 220 service providers and materials.
  • ROSMIMAN  strengthens its leading position with ROSMIMAN® CMMS & CAFM Solution as a leader provider of IT systems for Maintenance, Facility Management & Services, as well as is boosting its strategic international expansion.
  • The ROSMIMAN® CMMS&CAFM solution won the tender award to other six Spanish & international bidder companies.
  • The BARCELONA PORT AUTHORITY (APB), is the public body entity responsible for the Port of Barcelona management and the Spanish Government Ministry of Public Works dependent, also in charge of the execution of sea ports of the government’s policy, coordination and monitoring the efficiency of the port system consisting of 28 Port Authorities which are included in the 44 existing ports of general interest in Spain.


The objective is to have a new own software system for managing the Department, updated to new technologies provided by modern applications and replacing existing outdated technology systems based on  command mode.

For this purpose, the APB has tendered a package of full services and licenses; from the functional design, construction and setting up, to  the services’ systems integration, training, mobility, evolving and improving support to plan current and future Department’s needs (technological compatibility and long-term sustainability), as well as the Port of Barcelona applications.

The Department’s activities to be included in the new technological platform are multiple and are classified and summarised as follows:

  • General Tasks for docking bays conservation.
  • Services and infrastructures conservation in esplanades.
  • Road system conservation (pavement, signs, urban furniture).
  • Road cleaning.
  • Solid waste collection.
  • Gardening.
  • Water surface cleaning and support against oil pollution.
  • Electrical networks, water, sanitation and sewage.
  • Fire and safety networks.
  • Rail network conservation.
  • Building conservation.
  • Auxiliary support services to other Departments.
  • General Maintenance Unit (GMU) for emergency and supplies. services to vessels.
  • Fleet management for APB’s vehicles and ships.
  • Procurement, Purchases and Warehouses Management of APB.
  • Service Management for internal bus lines.
  • Claims for damages to third parties Management.
  • Maintenance and inspection systems for the coastal network navigational aids.
  • New execution, expansion or improvement Works Management. for infrastructures and services.



ROSMIMAN® has been awarded by public tender the BARCELONA PORT AUTHORITY (APB) amounting more than 1M € and a 3-year project plan.With over 20 years of expertise developing software for Asset Maintenance and Facility Management, ROSMIMAN represents the most solid, specialized and technological proposition in the market.

Having TÜV quality and development certifications and a team of highly qualified professionals with specific certification in Project Management Professional (PMP®) from the Project Management Institute, ROSMIMAN provides its clients with the latest technologies and knowledge as a “Software Factory” and consulting, training, IT, Maintenance, Facility Management and Cloud services.

More than 500 companies around the world and more than 10,000 direct users from 30 different industries use ROSMIMAN®  solutions every day in order to optimise the management of their assets.

ROSMIMAN® offers innovative and practical solutions designed to maximize the maintenance and Facility Management of its clients combining advanced technology with extensive operational experience.It focuses on providing a simple and easy-to-use interface so that the use of technology not be an obstacle, understanding the current and future challenges faced by customers in eachfield and activity.


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