“FM Goes Mobile”


First of all, could you tell us in brief a bit about your company and the services it provides?

ROSMIMAN is an engineering company, with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in MMS Solutions (Asset Maintenance Management Solutions). Our mission is to help our customers, through advanced IT solutions, to manage more effectively all tasks related with asset maintenance.

ROSMIMAN® is a product 100% web enabled, based in new technologies, characterized by its robustness and high reliability. ROSMIMAN® is both a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) as well as a CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) System; it covers all specific needs of our customers, adapting perfectly to their requirements. With ROSMIMAN®; ROSMIMAN provides your company with a comprehensive maintenance management solution endorsed by more than 5,500 users in 15 countries.

ROSMIMAN® MMS is for customers with development plans or projects to implant management and maintenance asset solutions. Our innovative product is focused on sectors such as Industry, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate & Facility Management, Professional Services, Public Administration, Health, Environmental, Traffic, Transportation and Automotive.

Please also mention some of your company’s current projects, noteworthy achievements, etc.

One of best achievements has been to position ourselves as one of the leading CAFM Suppliers in the Middle East. We have been working very hard in this market since 2008 and we can see that our efforts reflect in how we are very well seen as a company and how our system and services are seen as top quality.

We are very glad that nowadays are the customers who are looking for ROSMIMAN and getting in contact with us in order to acquire a CAFM for their company and even to replace their current CAFM system.

What are some of your company’s offerings to the FM sector in terms of mobile technologies?

We currently have a broad offering in terms of Mobility Solutions for the FM sector. We have specific mobility solutions for different type of devices including smartphones, tablets and PDAs. Our solutions cover all the major OS available in the market at them moment like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

These are some of the areas ROSMIMAN® Mobile solutions offer to their users:

  • Work Order Management
  • Notification Management
  • Warehouse and Spare Parts
  • Purchase Request
  • Real Estate Management
  • GIS & Asset Management on a map
  • Inventory Preparation and Asset Data Gathering
  • Management of Barcodes, RFID & QR

What are the benefits FM providers/professionals can see by making use of such mobile solutions? (Please share any examples/case studies to illustrate your point)

It is hard to enumerate all benefits, a company can benefit from using Mobility Solution in FM; These are only some of the profits we would like to highlight:

  • Mange information on real time
  • Control the employees and subcontractors (exact location, times, etc.)
  • Receive urgent notifications immediately.
  • Better management of streets assets (more accurate positioning)
  • Comply with tight SLAs
  • Have more accurate data
  • Avoid the use of papers
  • Have access to any required information at all times
  • Take decisions according to history data

The Olympic Ring of Barcelona is where the facilities where Olympic Games took place in year 1992. These spectacular sport facilities use Rosmiman to manage the assets and facilities located on public spaces, like parks and gardens, tourist information points, streets, public lighting, sewage and other. The mobility solution comprehends the use of tablets to create a new notification on field, take pictures and attach them to the notification, convert it into a work order, assign to contractor/service provider or internal staff, solve the issue and close this tasks, all of these tasks are located on a real map using the GPS of the device, the work orders and notifications can be located on the map by status, by contractor, by date, by SLA, etc.

For the Olympic Ring project, ROSMIMAN® Mobile allows the users to work with the system on any location of the large facilities. The mobility devices allow them to receive work orders and create new notifications on real time; this ensures high quality maintenance with very good response and rectification times.


“FM Goes Mobile”

In your personal view, what is the current attitude of the FM sector in the Middle East towards adopting such mobile technologies? Also, how are clients reacting to such changes in the tech sphere?

We expect that the majority of the FM companies will realize the benefits of using mobility solutions to manage their FM services. We have seen a tendency for moving towards mobile solutions in the FM Industry, especially with smartphones since these are easily available to any user and do not represent a large investment.

Nowadays we have seen greater interest in mobility solutions from our customers, we have recently been asked to incorporate mobility solutions to existing customers and new customers have come to us asking for mobility solution to manage their FM Services.

We have seen a notorious evolution in this regards and a very positive acceptance of new technologies, not only for mobility solutions but also for having the CAFM system in Cloud Computing, something we were pioneers to offer in the Middle East some years ago.


“FM Goes Mobile”

Looking to the future–how much of a role will mobile technologies (and other innovations in the technology world) play in the region’s FM sector going forward?

From our experience and seeing how the market is evolving, we think that soon mobile FM solutions will be a must for all FM Companies who want to stay active in the market. They will soon realize the benefit of using mobile technologies and how they will loose market share and stay behind if the don’t adapt to changes and new technologies.

We expect that the number of FM companies who use mobile technologies will substantially grow in the next few years something that will also help increase the overall quality of the FM Services offered in the Middle East.

Are there benefits to be enjoyed by FM companies who become “early adopters” of such technologies? (Again, examples would be great!)

Indeed, there are benefits for the FM companies who become “early adopters” of mobile technologies. These companies will be using state of the art technologies and will be seen by the customers and by the market as reliable companies offering high quality services backed up by the latest technologies.

The best advantages the early adopters companies will benefit from using new technologies is the fact that they will be able to provide the latest technology to their customer therefore they will be able to provide faster response, higher service with better SLAs and ensuring its compliance, real time information with accurate data, and so on, all this will of course help to improve the image of the company and the services it offers.

Many of our customers use mobility solutions to perform the maintenances contracts they have with their customers, actually they use a mobile phone to authorize the RFQ Request for Quotations, the Request for purchases and the Purchases order following a very simple authentication and authorization method using the last Android mobile phones to sign on the document and send it back to the office using a simple stylus pen.

Another solution broadly used is the mobility in tablets, with the PPM and Corrective works orders to perform the tasks in places that are very difficult to access and commonly where there is no access to any internet network, the staff works in offline mode and once they get good network they sync the data using a 3G or 4G – LTE network, also with a Wi-Fi connection is possible.

Most of the benefits are related to less time spending, less transportation needs (users don’t need to go to the office to retrieve the data back to the system), less paper, security of the information, the possibility to attach any document of picture is very helpful and shows in real images that the task has been correctly done. 

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