ROSMIMAN® technology, a strategic solution in the “new normal”


Currently, health has acquired an even more important role due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, so in this process of “returning to the new normal” the priority in companies is to guarantee safety and minimize risks to their workers in their daily work and work environment.

In the field of Facility Management, it becomes very relevant since this is the area responsible for defining and implementing the necessary measures to maintain the spaces and operations with the optimal requirements for hygiene, quality and occupational safety (social distance, occupational health and safety, etc.), focusing on the users of the facilities. For this, it is vital to have the right tools to ensure compliance with these objectives.


ROSMIMAN® SmartCloud, 100% web technology

The traceability and periodicity of maintenance works, as well as automation of processes in order to carry out an intervention, make it essential to have  infrastructure management supported by a specific IT solution; For this reason, ROSMIMAN® solutions, based on 100% WEB SmartCloud technology, allow not only efficient management, but also the possibility of accessing from anywhere, in real time and from any type of device, as well as more than 20 smart Apps designed to facilitate collaborative relationships and communication with technicians, users and suppliers, with the ability to share data and information internally and in real time, for improved decision-making.


Artificial intelligence

Thanks to the above, the movements of operators are minimized and the processes are streamlined, which in turn can be automated thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the system with the ability to apply intelligence engines that help solve complex problems or their anticipation before they happen.


Technical-legal maintenance database

Additionally, it has the most extensive technical-legal maintenance database on the market, unifying in a single repository all the current regulatory systems related to national, regional and local levels for any type of infrastructure, facility, service and sector. It includes operational flows and SHEQ control systems for managing safety, hygiene, environmental and quality problems. As well as audits and recommendations on risks, safety, technical and the most appropriate environmental conditions that must be maintained in the facilities.


Video Remote Assistance

As part of the latest trends applied to Maintenance and Facility Management, with ROSMIMAN® it is possible to provide technical assistance by remote video calls, between field service operators and technical support and engineering departments. Thus, the technician will be able to send instructions, diagrams and images to the operator through Smart Glasses and apps, from anywhere, which is vital today due to possible travel restrictions.


Access to BIM Models

Likewise, operations and maintenance are optimized with access to information on BIM models of buildings, their facilities and complementary infrastructures, in order to be able to make decisions related to space management, maintenance, occupational risk prevention, etc.

Now more than ever, Maintenance and Facility Management play a crucial role when adapting and maintaining facilities, in accordance with the new regulations and guidelines for hygiene and safety that the current situation has generated, so having the tools and adequate systems will ensure satisfactory compliance.



ROSMIMAN® technology, a strategic solution in the “new normal”With over 20 years of experience, ROSMIMAN is the leading provider in designing, implementing and developing solutions for Asset Management, Maintenance and Facility Management & Services.

With more than 500 companies in 16 countries as clients and a highly-qualified team of professionals and engineers with PMP® certifications, under the best practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and PRINCE2 methodologies, to manage, design, build and implement high added value projects to our clients, ROSMIMAN has all the talents, skills, experiences and resources which have shaped what we are: market presence with brand integrity, continued trust and loyalty of our clients and reliable, and committed services for more than 10,000 direct users from 30 different sectors using ROSMIMAN® solutions every day in their companies.

We combine advanced technology and investment in R+D+i, with extensive operational experience, to deliver innovative and practical solutions aimed at maximising the maintenance and facility management operations of our clients. We focus on providing practical, useful, simple, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions, so that the use of technology in business is not an obstacle, understanding the kind of current and future challenges faced by our customers in every industry and activity.