Appreciation and support to NISSAN workers in Spain -Company Release-



From IDASA SISTEMAS we want to express our appreciation, support, and solidarity to NISSAN workers at all its plants in Spain in pursuit of their jobs and continuity of the company’s activity in Spain.

We have maintained a close relationship and collaboration with them at all company’s organisational levels for more than 20 years and we have learned a lot.

An excellent staff of professionals who have always been in constant evolution, progression and improvement, who have provided us with knowledge, technological and organisational advancement with very high added value, and which has allowed us to advance with common synergies.

We have shared all these years with production line workers, maintenance teams, warehouse managers, workshop staff, corporate IT and process engineers, purchasing and administrative personnel, many technological and operational challenges, and we want to continue to do so.

NISSAN’s manufacturing facilities, like others in the automotive industry, are extremely complex, requiring a high level of continuous training, technical knowledge and professionalism from their staff. A competitive, complex, demanding, and dynamic activity due to the nature of the automotive market, where improvement is a daily constant.

Values that as a society we should not allow ourselves to lose. We should not continue to lose such exceptional accumulated knowledge of all these years of this powerful industry.

We appreciate the loyalty of our client NISSAN during all these years based on an excellent personal and professional relationship, and with whom we hope to enjoy their friendship and collaboration in the future.

Our solidarity and support for the entire group of NISSAN employees in these challenging times, hoping that the situation will be normalised and thus, ensure a better future.

Antonio Ramírez – CEO
Appreciation and support to NISSAN workers in Spain -Company Release-