United Engineering & Contracting Company LLC (ENTRACO) experience


Rosmiman® maintenance software delivers smarter facilities management in the United Arab Emirates. Excellence in maintenance services.


Entraco is specialized in Electro-mechanical and Civil Construction & Maintenance work with strength of more than 100 skilled, experienced and motivated technical team. This division having high caliber professional management with qualified, self-motivated, well experienced technical engineers, design engineers, civil engineers and civil & HVAC supervisors.

Entraco has successfully executed various projects of electro mechanical & civil such as Governmental schools & mosques,
maintenance projects of Musanada, SEHA, Agriculture Department, commercial buildings & Villas and various projects in private sector with a total of more than 600 Buildings and facilities.

Managing Facilities

Considering the magnitude of the facilities to maintain by Entraco, taking into account that the incidents and the work orders were previously written and were not systematized, generated around 200 orders of work a day, the company is committed to fulfilling the contract of integral maintenance of facilities in a reasonable time according to criticality of the intervention to be carried out.

United Engineering & Contracting Company LLC (ENTRACO) experience
United Engineering & Contracting Company LLC (ENTRACO) experience





To understand the situation, for example, the Company is committed to provide a Project manager, an electrical engineer, an electro- mechanical engineer, a civil engineer, a supervisor and at least 20 labour qualified people by each centre to maintain for one of the biggest customers of the company (SEHA), considering that there are more than 100 centers only with this customer.

Another significant fact to mention is that the company must provide and supply also the spare parts for resolving the issues with the equipments to maintain.

The company also has several warehouses with thousands of spare parts to control every single day, even mobile warehouses making distribution routes to the facilities where the spare parts are required.

Another big issue is to control and manage so many clients at the same time, with different work units prices for every client, managing different markups and discounts differing from one to another, and generate invoices every month for all of them.

Every purchase order generated by the company must pass through a very complex authorization process defined in its ISO standard procedures.

The Solution

ENTRACO relied on Rosmiman® Maintenance Management Software to achieve their goals. Our long-range goal in the project was to provide effective facilities management through long and short-term planning, preventive, and condition-based maintenance.

The solution provided by Rosmiman® Maintenance Management Software consists on the standard Rosmiman® with an additional module for Service Companies that allows the company to generate invoices depending on each single job, depending on the work units established by the tender line items on each contract for each center, warehouse management, spare parts, costs and budgets and purchases orders.

Rosmiman® created an specific authorization process for new request for prices, purchases orders, issue notes receive, work orders validations process integrating every step with auto emailing notification processes, also the templates belonging to the company where included into Rosmiman® to accomplish all of the standard ISO certifications the company has.

Rosmiman® Notifications WEB is used to communicate between the customer and the company for creating and follow the status of incidences, work orders, SLA to measure efficiency in the service.

The benefits

  • Provide our customers the best qualified project managers, engineers and technicians in the region.
  • Accomplish successfully the requirements of our clients in time, price and quality.Control the expenses in labour time, spare parts and supplies because of the margin we perceive by each job.
  • Tasks to be done must be generated, systemized, controlled and tracked by CAFM.
  • Multi Warehouse management in several Locations integrated with purchases and sells department.
  • Communications between Company and customers through a help desk and notifications web.
  • Locate the information in one place using Rosmiman.
  • Reduce internal costs in labour management.
  • More control over spare parts on the warehouses, knowledge of the real price of the warehouse.
  • More efficient answer to customers in time and cost.
  • Reduce time by generating standardized reports.
  • Easy location of assets and facilities by using location on a Map integrated with Google.


About United Engineering & Contracting Company LLC (ENTRACO)

The company was established in 1997, as one of the rapid growing firm operating with its headquarters in Al Ain, Having branch offices in Abu Dhabi & Western Region, is specialized in Commercial Air Conditioning, electro Mechanical, Civil Maintenance & Gen Contracting works.

The company has acquired the ISO certificates 9001:2008 / 14001:2004 / 18001:2007 certified by international industrial certification.

Entraco Main Customers


    • SEHA
    • Al Ain Hospital.
    • Tawan hospital.
    • Al MAfraq hospital.
    • Al MArfaa hospital.
    • NMC Hospital.
    • Al Sultan Hospitals and Clinics.
    • SEHA Clinics in Abu Dhabi, Western region and Al Ain.


    • UAE University.
    • Abu Dhabi University.
    • Al Ain University.
    • Ajman University.
    • Al Ain Education Zone.
    • Musanada Schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and W.Region.


    • Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club.
    • Al Ain Equestrian Club.
    • Al Ain Club.
    • Al Wehda Club.
    • Ghantout Club.
    • Abu Dhabi Fitness Club.

Entraco Work Force

To manage this big amount of prestigious clients, the company has more than 1000 specialized team subdivided into these groups:

  • Project, electromechanical and Civil Managers: 20
  • HVAC, electrical, service, civil and electronic engineers: 65
  • A/C Maintenance supervisors: 25
  • A/C Maintenance foreman: 25
  • A/C Technicians: 500
  • Electrical Supervisors: 25
  • Electrical Foreman: 10
  • Electricians: 100
  • Civil workers: 250
  • Supporting Staff: 50


Further information

For more information about Rosmiman® Maintenance Management Software, please contact your nearest Rosmiman Regional Sales Office or visit:https://rosmiman.com/.