Mataró City Council


Maintenance of assets and facilities for the management of municipal solid waste and street cleaning in the City Council of Mataró (Barcelona, Spain).

The City Council of Mataró (Barcelona, Spain)

Mataró is a Spanish municipality located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, on the coast of the province of Barcelona, Catalonia, next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is the capital of the Maresme. It is located about 30 km north of Barcelona.

Mataró has a population of 123.868 inhabitants, and is the most populous city in Spain 52nd and 8th in Catalonia.


The City Council of Mataró needed to solve the deficiencies of information in terms of having a geo-referenced inventory of all the equipment and infrastructure related to waste management and the cleaning able to streamline all the maintenance tasks of each physical element located on public roads so that the provision of the service to be optimal and effective to provide, for resolve and minimize the incidents at the time of the completion of the collection of municipal solid waste (MSW) service.

This established a model of data about Rosmiman ® Smart Cities to manage all maintenance activity carried out against urban allocations for urban solid waste management, in such a way that maintenance actions are recorded both (inspections, preventive, corrective, etc.), economic valuation, as well as their technical characteristics and collection ratios of waste.

A complete traceability for each item of inventory level would be obtained in this way and hierarchically organizes this information.

Inventory information:

Technical specifications for each container element with its technical features grouped by families

Catalogue of standardised elements

Geo-referenced position on the territory of each element. Update and correction of position

Inventory of items taken by. Relationship via-container-route

Definition of peacekeeping by element.

RFID identification of containers. Automated capture of data from production;

Weight, Date, Time of collection, linked incidents, identification of vehicle, etc.

Inspection: Fundamental task to maintain optimized service and with the maximum quality levels

The inspection was one of the weaknesses of the old model of management. This aims to carry out the regular monitoring of the status of municipal equipment of urban solid waste to quickly detect possible faults or damage, as well as the up-to-date maintenance of the inventory.

(a) Achieve efficient and effective use of resources, minimizing costs and be able to show by means of indicators.

(b) Analyze the results of maintenance in order to detect anomalies I deficiencies in the distribution of furniture in order to correct it (areas with major acts of vandalism, improper distribution of volume of containers, etc.)

(c) Analyzing the workloads of various contracted services, in order to recalculate such loads of face to future engagements.

(d) Be able to obtain the above information and all the requested the contract in the contract documents, directly from the system property of the City Council, without subsequent intervention of the contract and in a format useful for the client.

(e) Resolve efficiently the tasks of inspection and supervision of the equipment and services provided to citizens.


The modernization and optimization of a vital service.

In order to modernise and streamline the collection of urban solid waste and street cleaning services, the City Council of Mataró has opted to incorporate systems technological and management at all levels; Since the provision of technology in vehicles of collection to the control and management of the activities and actions of technical staff and service in the area of waste.

By incorporating Rosmiman ® Smart Cities as a tool for the integrated management of the maintenance of related public assets and equipments for urban solid waste management and street cleaning, municipal technical teams can perform easily better control over the inventory, maintenance scheduling and quality control of services by facilitating access to comprehensive reports related to the services provided to citizens and better control above the cost, quality and efficiency of the job.

Mataró City Council
Volume of items and assets:
  • Vehicles: 64
  • Containers: 2276
  • Bins: 1042
  • Locations: 767
  • Tracks: 927
  • Regular services (inspections): 1950
  • Operators: 152
Collection of urban waste and street cleaning services:
  • Generic home waste collection
  • Industrial Polygons generic collection
  • Home Organic waste collection
  • Commercial organic collection
  • Home carton collection
  • Trade carton collection
  • Industrial polygons carton collection
  • Household packages collection
  • Home glass collection
  • Pick up bulky Street
  • Pick up bulky door to door
  • Cleaning the inside of containers
  • Cleaning the outside of containers
  • Markets collection
  • Manual Swept
  • Swept with auxiliary vehicle
  • Review Swept
  • Swept with machinery
  • Swept with Brigade
  • Cleaning with water
  • Scrubbed pedestrian areas
  • Maintenance of litter bins
  • Cleaning in holidays
  • Manual cleaning of beaches
  • Mechanical cleaning of beaches
  • Cleaning with auxiliary vehicle of beaches
  • Overflows


Rosmiman ® allows you to organize preventive tasks and have a support tool for the staff responsible for inspection to obtain a park of containers in correct conditions of conservation.

With Rosmiman ®, you can manage the following operations:

  • Management and follow-up of incidents and press releases.
  • Identification of the origin of the notification: neighbors, police, inspection, etc.
  • Performances of corrective maintenance and repair management.
  • Preventive maintenance with operations by element type and frequencies of action.
  • Eye and functional inspection.
  • Management of relocations and new containers installation works.
  • Records of accidents and incidents.
  • Inspection in the field with mobile devices based on different profiles.
  • Management of collection routes.
  • Integration in the management of contractors.
  • Exploitation of GIS data and thematic spatial queries.

Both the continuous inventory maintenance and inspections are conducted through mobile systems based on PDA and Tablet PC with based cartography on mobile device which allow you to expedite the process of inspection and access to real-time information.

Management reports, ratios and statistics

The generation of reports and indicators is immediate, automatic, and accessible by the municipal organization of easily allowing analyzing the activity of the service and reacting to the incidences of the same quick and agile.

  • Number of PDS by service, with totals per day, month and year.
  • Number of PDS by service, by days of the week (seasonality)
  • Number of PDS by service, by month (seasonality)
  • Ratios of kg/day, kg/month, kg/year for each collected fraction I collection point
  • Summary of staff (operators and hours) by service, with totals per day, month and year.
  • Statistics of overruns between dates
  • Statistics of most overwhelmed locations
  • Statistics of bulky on concerted public road collection
  • Statistics of cleaned containers.
  • Statistics of most cleaned bins
  • History of delivery of containers to the commercial/industry
  • History of collected by circuit I trade of organic Commercial/Industry


Rosmiman ® allows the Mataró City Council know the detail of maintenance and exploitation that is making the contract work, beyond annual reports that this may be given.

This information resides on the systems of City Hall in an easily exploitable format directly, without relying on the contractor.

This information allows tracking of contract and help in making strategic decisions regarding future contests for waste management.

  • Real-time View/localization of assets related to waste management.
  • Real-time View services working “on the street”.
  • Control of incident response times.
  • Cost reduction by optimizing services to real needs based on historical incidents and interventions.
  • Cost reduction by the lengthening of the useful life of the assets.
  • Inspection and monitoring.
  • Improvement in the quality of service and response to the citizen.