Catalan Health Institute (ICS)


With a budget of 3,069 million euros and total staff of over 41,000 professionals, the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) is the largest public healthcare provider in Catalonia.


Catalan Health Institute (ICS)

  • 41.000 Employees
  • 5.800.000 Users
  • 8 Hospitals
  • 285 Medical Centers
  • 159 Primary Attention Centers
  • 35 Sexual-Reproduction Assistance Centers
  • 14 Home Assistance Centers
  • 8 Mental Centers
  • 24 Urgency Centers 24/7
  • 285 Medical Centers
  • 19 Rehabilitation Centers
  • 31 Image Diagnostic Centers
  • 38 Specialized Centers
  • 3 Laboral Centers


Pursuing its mission to provide health care services of excellence to the population and to develop teaching and research in the health sphere in Catalonia, the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) focuses on citizens and on the territory. In these activities, the ICS aims to make responsible provision to meet users’ needs and expectations, ensuring quality services whilst seeking a balance between sustainability and value.

With a budget of 3,069 million euros and total staff of over 41,000 professionals, the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) is the largest public healthcare provider in Catalonia. The ICS serves 5,774,142 users, a figure representing 75.5% of all those insured in Catalonia.

At present, the ICS manages 8 reference hospitals within the network of public use hospitals (32% of public hospital beds); 285 primary care units (including three established under strategic alliances); 38 out-of-hospital specialist centres; 24 territorial continuous care and emergency primary care (ACUT) units, which provide their services through 159 facilities; 35 sexual and reproductive healthcare services; 13 clinical laboratory services, 5 of which form part of territorial units coordinated by the local reference hospital; 31 diagnostic imaging services; 19 rehabilitation services; 14 PADES home care units; 8 mental
health services, including 2 devoted to providing care for children and young people and 2 to drug dependency care and monitoring; and 3 occupational healthcare services.

Besides patient care, the ICS also promotes considerable scientific activity at seven research institutes attached to hospitals and primary care centres. Since 2008, three of these institutes (the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute and the Germans Trias i Pujol Health Sciences Research Institute) have been accredited by the Carlos III Health Institute. This recognition as centres of excellence places them in a leading position in Spain in the field of biomedical research.

As regards teaching, the ICS trains some 2,300 specialists in 49 different health science specialities at its various centres.

The Institute also teaches more than 5,000 undergraduate students in medicine, nursing, dentistry and other disciplines. Furthermore, the ICS also intensely active in the provision of lifelong training for all professional groups.

The need

Deploy one integrated solution for all user types according to three factors: their specific needs, their location and the type of asset (buildings, equipment, infrastructures, personnel, etc.)

  • Maintenance management and staff
  • Field maintenance personnel
  • Maintenance supervisors
  • CMMS System Support and IT Management
  • CMMS System Administrators
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Supervision of maintenance contractors

Contractor Management Companies: 57 Total Service Requests: 5,861
Total Work orders: 5,513
Inventory assets: 341 centers
Current System Users: 346
Existing external/managed services: 88

System requirements

  • Each district Works different, each district has it’s own contractors, own workflow
  • Only 1 Data Base for the whole ICS
  • Every district can only control their own maintenance
  • Maintenance contracts by speciality, center or group of centers
  • Ability to manage complex user profiles

The solution

Our team has developed a Rosmiman® Asset Management Web based Portal intended for different users with different needs:

  • Administrators: They have access to the Rosmiman CMMS Core, but can not see the information belonging to other area/district (Catalonia is divided in several maintenance districts).
  • Maintenance Supervisors: They only have acces to the portal web and can only control what is happening under their area of responsibility.
  • Centers Directors: they only have access to their own center and they can create, modify or erase notifications and work orders to their contractors and operators.
  • Contractors Supervisor: they only have access to the information based on their own contracts in each district.
  • Own Maintenance Staff: They have Access to Notifications and work orders located on their assigned work centers.
  • Contractor Employees: They only have access to the work orders located in their own assigned work centers.


The use of Rosmiman® Maintenance Management software helped them to reduce idle time, improve efficiency, reduce overall maintenance costs, increase maintenance task control, improve space use, reduce field workers commuting distances, and improve employee time and attendance management.

  • Improved internal user satisfaction ratings
  • Reduced average time to complete a work order significantly
  • Reduced overtime costs

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