Barcelona Port Authority (APB)

Puerto BCN

Sector: Port Infrastructures, Public Entities.

Location & Date: Barcelona, Spain – January 2016

Scope of Work

  • Asset inventory management.
  • Management of interventions and conservation activities.
  • Budget and invoicing control.
  • Procurement, purchases and warehouses management of APB.
  • Integration with the port plan.
  • Fleet management for APB’s vehicles and ships.
  • Service management for internal bus lines.
  • Claims management for damages to third parties.
  • Auxiliary support services to other departments.
  • General Maintenance Unit (GMU) for emergencies and supplies services to vessels.
  • Vessels and fleet management.
  • Uniform management.
  • Contract management.
  • Service portal.
  • Rail network conservation.
  • Building conservation.
  • Maintenance and inspection systems for the coastal network navigational aids.
  • New execution, expansion or improvement works management for infrastructures and services.
  • General tasks for docking bays conservation.
  • Services and infrastructures conservation in esplanades.
  • Road system conservation (pavement, signs, urban furniture).
  • Road cleaning.
  • Solid waste collection.
  • Gardening.
  • Water surface cleaning and support against oil pollution.
  • Electrical networks, water, sanitation and sewage.
  • Fire and safety networks.
  • Electrical networks, water, sanitation and sewage.


  • ALFRESCO System.
  • SCANVISIO System.
  • Incident Management System of the Navigation Aids System.
  • SCADA System.
  • SOSTRAT System.

 Managed with Rosmiman®

  • Control of more than 220 companies providing services and materials.
  • Operation and maintenance of navigation aids elements throughout the Barcelona and Girona coasts (headlights, beacons and DGPS stations).
  • The vehicle fleet consisting of land vehicles and maritime vessels.
  • Electrical and water supply network.