ROSMIMAN Facility Management, one product, many advantages

“Rosmiman is a tool that allows you to save time and money in the management of your properties.

Rosmiman allows you to dialogue with the customer, suppliers, the owner, the final users, technicians and employees in a simple and efficient way”

Rosmiman, one product, many advantages


ROSMIMAN® CAFM Property Management module is a web enabled software solution that serves the tracking and management needs of residential property managers with unlimited units. The system can accommodate a variety of different types of property managers.

ROSMIMAN® Property Management is a unique data structure that puts the lease documents, making it flexible enough to accommodate virtually and lease agreement, including multiple leases per tenant, multiple units per lease and multiple tenants per lease.

Property Management transforms you lease agreements from static legal documents to dynamic information generators.


Service Management improves the management of internal and external services offered by employees or other companies. It offers a proper customer service and manages all the services that will be necessary.

Efficient service delivery is the key for maintaining your core business. ROSMIMAN solution delivers operational excellence in service execution and monitoring, resulting in both cost reduction and quality improvement.  Services Management solution enables the coordination of people-centric and workplace-oriented services to improve productivity and enhance workforce satisfaction.


Facility Management organizes the inventory, use, value and availability of facilities and comforts of your property at the right time and the right place.

Controls for efficient energy consumption and savings, occupation and use of the spaces or the security and emergency services.


Maintenance Management allows your inventory management and organization review, inspections and care of buildings, systems, equipment and facilities of your real estate…

Rosmiman Facilities is able to easily and directly transfer work orders to subcontracted maintenance service companies.

Rosmiman Facilities reduce downtime through effective planning.

SAVINGS : benefits & ROI – Return of Investments

Rosmiman® help you to understand how the investment in Rosmiman is cost effective. With Rosmiman, a company can save between 5% and 30% in maintenance expenses.