Innovation, Connectivity and Interoperability

ROSMIMAN® Smart Cities


Manage all assets

We offer you much more than a traditional system of citizen care and incident management. ROSMIMAN® prepares you to increase your management capabilities and make the future more sustainable.

  • UNLIMITED asset catalogue.
  • Linear assets.
  • Geo-referencing
  • Definable technical sheets.
  • QR & NFC ID.

Intelligent public lighting management


Intelligent management of sewer networks


Collection of MSW waste and street cleaning


Signalling, ITS, traffic payment systems, CTVV, tunnels and radars


Public road occupation. Reservation of public spaces and fences


Vehicle Fleet Management


Children's areas


Urbanization of public roads


Parks and gardens


Public and ornamental fountains


Street furniture


Infrastructures and equipment on beaches


Urban mobility systems. Parking / Parking Meters


Plots and lots


Logistic warehouses, workshops and warehouses


All the information of your territory on GIS and much more

The territory is the relationship link in which the municipal activity takes place. Assets are more than points on a map. Learn how they interrelate infrastructure and citizens, and how we help you to manage the information.

Use the maps to quickly see the location of all assigned tasks, tasks in progress and planned tasks. Work efficiently optimizing resources and time.

Unlock the power of your data and get more productivity. Solve problems based on data and their spatial analysis. Combine territory / time / data.

Visualize your real estate on the territory and combine it with your BIM models.

Manage incidents and citizen attention

We help you improve the perception of your municipal services

Process the resolution of complaints, suggestions, incidents or requests through reception communications and multichannel responses with full traceability to fulfil the commitments acquired of service levels and citizen attention.

Combine the recorded incidents and the actions of your municipality with direct information on the citizens’ perception of urban services in your municipality

Report incidents in 30 seconds

Internal and real-time communication with managers

Report the result when the incident is resolved and communicated to the citizen

Everything under control with the control dashboard. All information in sight..

Manage maintenance operations

Efficiently manages each task to be carried out in the territory, from routine maintenance in buildings and municipal units, to road infrastructure and public works, integrating the actions of foremen, team leaders and service contractor companies, creating and assigning with full traceability any type of task or work order Plan, assign and control the pending tasks for the next week or month with the ROSMIMAN® task calendar. Quickly review the details at a glance and drag and drop tasks to reschedule jobs instantly.


Create your asset maintenance plans, implement recurring maintenance tasks, evaluate asset performance and proactively plan for replacements and repairs.

Define your inspection processes of any asset, ensuring that all necessary information is captured on-field: notes, photos, follow-up tasks, etc., to correctly qualify any type of inspection. We report it to the smartphone or tablet devices of on-field devices immediately.

Comply with your technical-legal maintenance with our normative database. We collect all the regulations at national, regional or local level, as well as international maintenance standards: EN13306, EN15341, EN13269, SFG20 and others. We compose the technical-legal maintenance plans with one click.

Work from anywhere

Use ROSMIMAN® mobile applications to view assigned tasks, attach photos, take notes, record work hours, update facility data and more, giving supervisors in the office an overview of real-time activities.

Simplify the administration and management of the work orders of your municipal teams and contractors with ROSMIMAN® mobile and desktop tools.

  • Mobile solutions for Apple and Android devices.
  • Online / offline mode.
  • Integrated with the operational workflows of your organization.
  • Secure mobile applications

Control your budgets and manage expenses

Manage your projects and municipal action programs. Define in a matter of seconds, through flexible structures adjusted to each project, the monitoring elements, actions and tasks to meet the strategic and operational objectives of your municipality.

Plan and project what activities will be carried out in your city, its management and budgetary allocation, as well as the degree of execution and compliance integrated with your municipal accounting systems.

  • Transparency
  • Account performance
  • Open Data
  • Sustainable development

ROSMIMAN participates again as exhibitor in order to show visitors the advanced technology solutions with which is a leader in asset management platforms for the Spanish SMART CITIES, carrying out over the past years, relevant and significant projects for both private and public sectors, standing out as the most SPECIALISED, TECHNOLOGICAL and STRONGEST option on the market.

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