ROSMIMAN® SmartDOC: Intelligent Document Management for Facility Managers

Innovation in managing documents

ROSMIMAN® IWMS adds SmartDOC to cross-manage all documents related to your real estate properties (administrative, contractual, technical-legal, inspections, maintenance, certifications, assets, projects and legalisations, etc.), and keep them updated dynamically and in real time.

ROSMIMAN® IWMS SmartDOC introduces a qualitative technological leap on the market for property managers regarding Document Management of assets and infrastructures for Facility Management in comparison to what exists up to now on the market and marketed by other companies.



We do not tie your hands or give you a specific and limited functionality for your document management. You can organise the documentation of your assets in a flexible, practical and adapted to your business without limitations or conditions in your ROSMIMAN® IWMS environment. You set the rules, we give you the tools for your organisational and functional autonomy.

  • Unlimited creation of groups by type of property and compliance degree assessment through dashboard.
  • Unlimited creation of groups of documents and relationships by typologies.
  • Unlimited creation of documentary structures based on Nodes / Group / Operation / Category.
  • Document time management through calendar or timeline with GANTT and Pseudo-GANTT diagrams for recurring or specific documentation.
  • Ability to adapt document structures, types of processes and controls for any current and future regulations.

If you already have a corporate document manager, we will facilitate the integration with ROSMIMAN® asset structures so that you can link both systems and have a more operational document control for the functions to be developed by the FM.

We list below the document systems that we currently have in operation, being this list not limiting:

  • Alfresco®
  • Sharepoint®
  • Remedy®
  • Abast ScanVisio®
  • Google® Docs

In addition, our ROSMIMAN® REST API Services gives you the freedom to exchange document information with other internal or third-party systems that are not necessarily a document manager (ERP Systems, other CBA products, etc.) with the appropriate security and confidentiality measures.



You can define your strategies and operational contexts for managing documents of any area of activity and type: maintenance, technical-legal and regulatory, documentation of technical assets (specifications and manuals), real estate documentation, CBA-Coordination of Business Activities, works projects and legalisations, OHS & PPE, supplies and energy management, environmental management and waste, security, etc., adapting them to your daily operations through workflows, rules, alerts and both horizontal and vertical validation levels.

All this, through hierarchical document multistructures that you can freely maintain and through Plug&Play on the document trees.



We have added intelligence to the process by guiding you, in an orderly manner, in the definition and sequencing of your document control. With an extremely simple and intuitive user interface, we visually guide you by sequencing the steps to follow in the document management and validation process, directly generating the timelines for visual monitoring through GANTT diagrams, tables or dashboards of follow up.


ROSMIMAN® SmartDOC: Intelligent Document Management for Facility Managers



You can decide which are your communication channels for a decentralised treatment of Document Management. We will give you complete validation and traceability of how your documents circulate through the established communication channels, in what status they are, both for end users and validation and defined workflow process, and at what point they are.

You can freely establish control and audit mechanisms to documentary processes and incorporate different profiles through the Collaborative Portal and mobile devices, as well as the documentary obligations that are assigned to each one (employees, contractors, clients, suppliers, auditors, etc.).

In addition, we automatically add and classify all documentation generated during the Maintenance and Facility Management activity carried out with ROSMIMAN® IWMS in daily operations with its different modules (Asset and Maintenance Management, Real Estate & Property Management, Space and Workplace Management, Environmental Sustainability, Integrated Services Management, Project Management), contracts, documents related to work orders, specifications of facilities and technical materials associated with your assets, manufacturer documentation, purchase orders, budgets or specifications of warehouse spare parts, checklists, validated technical-legal inspections or mandatory regulations, external third-party certifications linked to inspections or preventive maintenance tasks, utility bills, and much more.



The experiences already deployed in clients of high complexity and volume of documents, processes and related profiles indicate that the management, administration and control times of documentation related to your real estate assets are reduced by more than 50% compared to a traditional system of documentary collection and storage, also adding security in custody and in compliance with the involvement of all related actors in the documentary process: company, employees, suppliers, clients, contractors and tenants.

In addition, you will be able to streamline your audit and compliance processes and carry out internal pre-audit processes based on all indicators that we show you to obtain certainty of positive certification in the audits. Likewise, we offer document validation through certificates and digital signature with legal validity, both in specific documents, as well as in recurring documents in high frequency or repetitiveness, for example, the registration of work orders with digital signature and legal validity.


ROSMIMAN® SmartDOC: Intelligent Document Management for Facility Managers

Benefits provided by ROSMIMAN® IWMS SmartDOC



ROSMIMAN® SmartDOC: Intelligent Document Management for Facility ManagersCollaborative Global solutions for the comprehensive management of real estate assets, infrastructures, facilities and services.

With more than 25 years of experience, ROSMIMAN is the leading provider in the design, implementation and development of software solutions for asset management, with its ROSMIMAN® IWMS Global Site suite of products for Maintenance, Facility Management and Cloud services, carrying out the most relevant and significant projects in Spain, both from the private and public sectors.

ROSMIMAN® IWMS & Services Global Site integrates in a single software platform a system with the greater functional, operational and technological scope of the market and includes:

  • Real estate & Property Management.
  • Space & Workplace Management.
  • Integrated Services Management.
  • Asset & Maintenance Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Environmental Sustainability.

With more than 500 companies in 16 countries as clients and a highly-qualified team of professionals and engineers with PMP® certifications, under the best practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and PRINCE2 methodologies, to manage, design, build and implement high added value projects to our customers, ROSMIMAN has all the talents, skills, experiences and resources which have shaped what we are: market presence with brand integrity, continued trust and loyalty of our clients and reliable, and committed services for more than 10,000 direct users from 30 different sectors using ROSMIMAN® solutions every day in their companies.

We combine advanced technology and investment in R+D+i, with extensive operational experience, to deliver innovative and practical solutions aimed at maximising the maintenance and facility management operations of our clients. We focus on providing practical, useful, simple, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions, so that the use of technology in business is not an obstacle, understanding the kind of current and future challenges faced by our customers in every industry and activity.

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