“The fmME Guide to FM EXPO 2015”


Can you tell us about your company and the work that you do?

ROSMIMAN is a company with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in the design, implementation and development of IWMS solutions for Asset Management, Maintenance, Real Estate, Facility Management and Facility Services.

We deliver the latest and available technologies on the fastest, most reliable, proven and safe way to add value by helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector. Recognising this, ROSMIMAN® offers a suite of specific software products and related services to Real Estate and Facility Management.

Today, ROSMIMAN has all the talents, skills, experiences and resources which have shaped what we are: market presence with brand integrity, trust and loyalty (> 99.5%) of our clients, reliable and committed service, smart solutions based on results and cutting-edge technology.

What are your expectations from this year’s edition of FM Expo?

Since 2010, Rosmiman® has been participating every year in the FM EXPO exhibition and this year is no exception. The event has increased more and more relevance in the Facilities Management field and has become an event not to be missed by any key decision-maker in the region.

Due to this fact, we must live up to what those demanding visitors might be looking for or expecting. Therefore, we have never stopped improving and evolving ourselves because each new project, regardless of size, is a new experience for us and an opportunity to expand our services and grow as a company even more.

More than 20 years of experience cannot be improvised and we really enjoy sharing our knowledge and boosting the industry’s development and growth.

We are more than happy to be exhibitors again and thus showcase our latest and innovative products according to the market’s trends and needs.

What are your thoughts about the state of the FM sector in the region?

The FM sector has become more important over the past few years in the region.

Nowadays, there is more awareness of being involved in the design and construction process from a very early stage, companies has begun to bear in mind building life-cycle costs, and indeed FM plays a crucial role.

FM companies have also learned that “the cheapest” is not always the best choice; they know that it is necessary to invest to be at the forefront of technology and thus provide a better and more effective service according to market needs. Time is a key factor today and clients demand faster responses, availability anytime anywhere and more accurate reporting; all of this requires powerful and reliable tools to ensure ROI. 

Is there anything specific that you will be launching at the FM Expo that you may be able to share a preview on?

We are going to introduce and show through live demonstrations the most innovative strategies in the implementation, management, use and development of IWMS Systems as follows

  • Smart Building / Smart Energy / Smart Metering /Smart Property Management Solutions and BMS / BEMS / FMS systems, on a single unified platform and based on Cloud Computing.
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) for the use of information of elements, graphic features, physical properties of construction, components and geo-location, sustainability and maintenance related to the building model according to how it was built.
  • HTML5 Web Systems and BYOD access to information at any time, from anywhere through a mobile device.
  • RFID, QR and NFC Identification systems for inventory, location and identification of assets and operations on them.
  • ROSMIMAN® SMART CITIES that acts as a platform for collecting data generated by the cities, also adds the ability to manage the retrieved information with the most powerful, functional and operational back-office on the market.
  • ROSMIMAN® SMART MOBILITY, the new generation of smart APPs, adaptable to simple and complex Maintenance needs, Facility Management and Smart Cities operations, taking ROSMIMAN® Smart EAM platform as a back-office solution for Asset Management and being the most comprehensive on the market.

Friends and customers are warmly welcome to visit our booth and be aware of the latest technological advances for both private and public-sector companies.

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