The new requirements and needs of the Construction Branch of Barcelona’s Provincial Council has forced the implementation of a tool that allows facilty MANAGEMENT process all the information now required to effectively manage the maintenance of all enclosures and buildings that this service is assigned to.

The Building Maintenance Services of the Barcelona Provincial Council is responsible for maintaining all buildings and premises owned by the Barcelona Provincial Council, as well as all Tax Management offices and other buildings assigned to various agencies and institutions of which has assumed its maintenance by agreement.

All this patrimony is about 190,000 m2 and 850,000 m2 building enclosures that manages a team of 175 people with a volume about the management of a 15,000 work orders annually.

Real Estate Management.

ROSMIMAN® version 8 incorporates Real Estate Management and Spaces Management modules together with the extensive functionality for managing work orders, maintenance management plans, management of spare parts and furniture stores, vehicle management and Helpdesk. This will replace the current management tools for an integrated management Facility Management and 100% Web-based.

The implementation of ROSMIMAN® will unify into a single system management this areas:

Project Management, tasks planning and control panel (dashboards):

Document Management: establishing a new file server structure of the Assistant Director, arranged in three areas: workplace, records and documentation of characteristics of areas and buildings.

Graphic Documentation: Procedures are specified to ensure the update of plans and Geographic Information System intregration.(GIS)

Integrated Energy Management: It’s defined a comprehensive system of energy management and establishes an action plan with saving and control goals to simplify control and energy consumption processes.

Building Control by Administration: it’s implemented a model for planning and control of performed buildings by the administration.

Barcelona Provincial Council

Barcelona Provincial Council is an institution of local GOVERNMENT (municipalities) that promotes the progress and welfare of citizens in a territorial scope: now, the province of Barcelona, is composed of a network of 311 municipalities. It acts directly providing services, especially in cooperation with the municipalities.
Barcelona Provincial Council primarily provides technical, economic and technological support to councils to enable them to provide quality local services in an homogeneous way in the whole territory. Coordinates municipal services and organizes public services for several municipalities.
In the territorial scope, its activity in 7719 km2 with a population of 5,416,477 inhabitants affected, with a population density of 701.7 inhabitants/km2


Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. is an engineering company specialized in solutions for Asset Management and Maintenance based on the product ROSMIMAN® GOVERNMENT. Our mission is to generate value to our customers through the development, by means of our own Software, of advance solutions in the area of Information Systems for asset, industrial state and infrastructures management and maintenance in public and private sectors, contributing in the evolution of the information systems of our customers, adding value in the creation and development of their business strategies.
For this purpose we integrate over traditional platforms a group of applications based in Web technologies characterized for their robustness and high reliability. We offer a high functionality that covers the specific needs of our customers, adapting perfectly to their requirements.
Our offer is organized into specific vertical industries and is aimed at customers with development plans or initiatives for the implementation of solutions for asset management and maintenance in the Industry and Energy, Professional Services, Public Administration, Environment, Traffic and Transport and Health.
With a presence in European countries like Portugal, France, Holland, in the GCC (Countries Cooperation Council for the Arab States of Persian Gulf) like UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, as well as in Canada and the United States make ROSMIMAN® is a global solution, robust and efficient with reputation in international markets.

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