Public Health and Pest Control | Murcia Council

Public Health and Pest Control | Murcia Council

Lokímica S.A. – successful bidder for the services contract of Public Health of the City Council of Murcia – applies cloud computing solution based on Rosmiman® Gov from Rosmiman Software Corporation.

Lokímica laboratories has been performing, for over 20 years, pest control services in large cities such as the City of Valencia and Alicante, and four years in the City of Murcia. During these years we have seen how the number of items subject to control has increased exponentially, the area, the number of municipal centres and offices, the number of sanitation records, parks, gardens and green areas in general. Furthermore, the level of demand of the citizen in public health has also increased to a great extent, so the threshold of tolerance for pests have been drastically reduced.

Currently, Murcia has an area of 13,465 ha, with a registered population of 441,345 inhabitants (INE, Spanish National Institute of Statistics, 2010), with more than 50,000 sanitation records and more than 650 offices and municipal facilities to maintain. Also, the average annual temperature increases, stretching the summer period and decreasing the number of cold days, which helps the proliferation of plagues and significantly shortens the time to complete their life cycle.

This large increase in infrastructure and control items has not been accompanied by an equivalent increase in resources municipalities will allocate to this basic need. As a result, municipal officials are in a very complex and difficult to overcome situation, in many cases, in order to successfully serve the demand and satisfactory watch the public health of citizens.

For this reason, Lokímica laboratories, sensitive to this issue, considers essential to provide powerful management tools to municipal officials; tools capable of saving in resources and efforts considerably in the management of the service, as well as taking advantage of the most modern technology in the market, providing them new capabilities and functions of communication, control, monitoring, analysis and decision making.

Public Health Systems for Smart Cities, Smart Management Services

Lokímica laboratories apply to this service contract the system Intelligent Service Management Program (P.G.I.S.), for pest control based on the solution Rosmiman® Gov. An application that not only manages scheduled tasks and extraordinary services, and presents its results, but it will also “think” for us. The application is capable to doing exhaustive analysis, interpret the results, draw conclusions and detect anomalies and deviations, generating alarms.

The P.G.I.S. is equipped with the most modern technology in communication, working in real time, and it is capable of handling great amount of data in a very simple and fluent manner.

Municipal officials can easily access all the information they need for decision making, and they will be automatically notified of any irregularity or peculiarity in the management of the service.

The Intelligent Services Management Program (P.G.I.S.), counts with the most advanced and powerful utilities and tools of the Public Health sector. Apart from making the basic functions for service management (scheduling, generation of service requests, and reporting results) that are available in other applications, the P.G.I.S. also has the most advanced presentation of data and results, georeferenced on digital cartography, aerial orthophotos, and the innovation of “3D vision at ground level (street view)“.

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Virtual Revisions “at street level” with access to history records

The system allows a “3D Ground Level Vision” for the virtual examination of problematic areas by the municipal technicians with communication incidents with the maximum detail and accuracy. The technician can:

  • add placemarks, add comments
  • mark image areas with polygonal figures
  • place pictures on top of each other
  • add any other layer
  • record a video with inspection itinerary
  • digital cartographic data presentation as well as on satellite photographs
  • thematic queries:
    • rodents by street or sector
    • cockroaches by street or sector
    • mosquitoes sources
    • rodents food trap in gardens
    • any device and plague according to need

Alarm Systems, Dashboard. Activity indicators and thresholds of tolerance

It incorporates an agile system to generate alarms when anomalies, deficiencies in the service or deviations are found from any indicator with respect to reference values previously established.

These alarms are converted to incidents communications through email or SMS messages to the client’s responsibilities in this case the Project Manager of the City Council of Murcia.

The Intelligent Services Management Program (P.G.I.S.) thinks for us and it is able to detect the repetition of a treatment in the same street, or in the same garden, outside area, college or any municipal centre. So, after detecting the repetition of the presence of a particular plague in one place in a period of time shorter than 3 months, the P.G.I.S. generates an alarm and sends an email communicating the incident to the Chief of Services and designated municipal technicians, as well as the management and technical directors of Lokímica S.A.

Public Health and Pest Control | Murcia Council


The extraordinary service request will arrive immediately to the technicians who are located closer to the area or centre to be treated, through mobile terminals they are equipped with. This manager allows doing a comprehensive follow-up of the state of execution of the notification made, as well as a query of the actions taken and results. The Facultative Project Manager can perform searches of notifications in different ways, by the state of execution, date, type of request, street, etc.

Murcia City Council will get the results of actions taken in “real time“, and they may consult, download or print the work file, reports and videos related to the intervention.

All parties involved can get the information they need and enter the data of their work, supervision and control activities, depending on the case. All this is done in “real time”; thanks to using the last generation of mobile terminals on the field, technicians have all the information and guidance that they need to perform their activity with the highest quality. Also, since it is in real time, during the execution of the tasks new instructions can be received from the Technical Department or the client, along with new requests.

At the same time, as they are getting results from the execution of scheduled or extraordinary tasks, they are entered into the P.G.I.S. through these same terminals, being available from that same moment to be controlled or supervised by the Technical and Facultative Management of the City Council of Murcia. This technology allows the parties involved getting a better result with lower effort.

One of the innovations of the system is that it is operated in cloud computing outsourcing 100% of the IT services, the technology platform and applications for internal management and mobility as well as the citizen service that can be accessed by the technical staff of the City Council of Murcia, the company Lokímica S.A. awarded by the services with their field and management technicians, and the citizens in order to communicate incidents.

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