“MEFMA CONFEX 2015 Preview”


What you will be presenting at the MEFMA Confex 2015?

As exhibitors, we are going to introduce the most innovative solutions for the implementation, management, use and development of CAFM Systems as follows:

  • Smart Building / Smart Energy / Smart Metering /Smart Property Management Solutions and BMS / BEMS / FMS systems, on a single unified platform and based on Cloud Computing.
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) for the use of information of elements, graphic features, physical properties of construction, components and geo-location, sustainability and maintenance related to the building model according to how it was built.
  • HTML5 Web Systems and BYOD access to information at any time, from anywhere through a mobile device.
  • RFID, QR and NFC Identification systems for inventory, location and identification of assets and operations on them.
  • ROSMIMAN® SMART CITIES that acts as a platform for collecting data generated by the cities, also adds the ability to manage the retrieved information with the most powerful, functional and operational back-office on the market.
  • ROSMIMAN® SMART MOBILITY, the new generation of smart APPs, adaptable to simple and complex Maintenance needs, Facility Management and Smart Cities operations, taking ROSMIMAN® Smart EAM platform as a back-office solution for Asset Management and being the most comprehensive on the market.

ROSMIMAN® delivers the latest available technologies on the fastest, most reliable, proven and safe way to add extra value by helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector. It also offers a suite of specific software products and related services to Facility Management and Facility Services. 

Why do you believe the topic you are presenting at the MEFMA Confex 2015 is essential for the event audiences? How will it add value to the attendees personally, professionally and to their businesses?

Regarding our speaking slot, we are going to talk about the latest technologies applied to Smart Cities; I think it is totally relevant because is linked with the main topic of the Confex: “SMART TECHNOLOGIES, SMART CITIES, and SMARTER FM”.

No more than two years ago, the concept of “Smart Government” was unknown in the Middle East region, and now, the transformation into a smart government has become a key factor for decision-making.

Currently, the vision of Dubai Smart Government is becoming a world-class smart government for the 21st century, and to formulate and implement policies and initiatives for innovative and smart use of ICT contributing to economic welfare, social progress and global competitiveness.

Although every minute technology is changing and evolving, it is very important to know the latest advances, what are the top smart cities doing to improve their processes, how are they encouraging citizen’s engagement and involvement and which technologies are used to achieve these objectives.

Nowadays cities collect a big amount of data and it is necessary to have cutting-edge technology able to process it and make it useful, taking advantage of all that information and returning it to citizens with better and more effective services.

We have always been focused on innovation, constantly learning, improving and developing our skillsto maintain our products one step ahead of the trends, so I am sure that during this event not only visitors will be benefited, we, as exhibitors, and any other attendee will take advantage of it.

We are more than happy to share our experiences acquired from our multiple projects around the world contributing to boost the FM industry’s growth.

What are your expectations from the MEFMA Confex 2015?

Last year we participated only as exhibitors and although the results were positive at that time, we realized that we needed to be more involved. For this reason, we have become TECHNOLOGY SPONSORS this year and are participating as speakers for contributing our knowledge and experiences in diverse projects from multiple industries.

The MEFMA CONFEX has been acquiring more relevance year by year, therefore our expectations from this year’s event are very high and we look forward to achieve much better results than last year.

At MEFMA Confex we will showcase our latest and innovative products; we will also demonstrate how we can, through our extensive experience, provide extra value and effective solutions tailored to the needs of any company.

Why is the MEFMA Confex like this important for the FM market? 

The MEFMA entity is aimed to FM industry and community, it’s essential for us to support it and to be supported by it, everyone should contribute to improve and develop our own industry, thus, we have always been aware of this responsibility, bearing in mind the organic growth of the FM industry worldwide and particularly in the GCC.

In this regard, our first step when we opened our branch in Dubai was to be MEFMA members, as currently we are members of IFMA, the international association.

The MEFMA Confex is an opportunity not only to showcase products or services, but also exchange experiences, share knowledge and be at the forefront of new trends or potential business.

Considering all stakeholders from around the GCC that there will be gathered in one single place sharing experiences and feeding back each other, the MEFMA Confex is a unique opportunity to learn different points of view and to know how the industry is evolving in each country or market.


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