“FM Industry gets technology boost”- The BIG5 Hub Quartely Magazine, Summer 2016 issue


What do you plan to achieve by exhibiting at The Community Management Week 2016?

 ROSMIMAN has been exhibitor at FM EXPO every year since 2010. As this event is a must for the entire Facilities Management industry and one of the most important events of the year, we consider that it’s essential to be part of it.

This is a unique opportunity in which all parties involved in an FM process are marshalled: from cleaning, waste or facility management companies to software companies as we are. Our aim is to keep consolidating our products in the region, sharing our capabilities with customers and, considering that more and more companies are currently in their own process to improve their services by acquiring new technologies, they can rely on our comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to meet their needs.

What is your strategy to accomplish this? You may mention what you plan to do at your exhibit, which exhibition tools/features you hope to benefit from, etc.

Our strategy has always been to keep our service and products at the forefront of innovation as we never get tired of improving them based on our clients’ feedback and the last market trends.

At FM EXPO we will showcase a wide range of products not only for Facilities Management companies but also for a large number of industries as Real Estate firms, Ports, Hospitals or even entire cities with our solutions for Smart Cities.

For better understanding our tools it’s important to see them in action, so, as always, we will show how our solutions work through live demonstrations at our booth managed by our expert team. One of our solutions is ROSMIMAN® IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) which allows control and manage the entire real estate portfolio of buildings and assets on a single unified platform with the possibility to use it through mobile devices and, best of all, use it on our ROSMIMAN® SmartCloud in order to save money and keep data safe and updated at all time.

Tell us what attracts you to the market in the GCC and your feelings about the opportunities here?

 The FM market in the GCC, led by the UAE, is still at its growth stage compared to Europe or North America where the FM industry is highly developed and mature.

It represents a huge potential for technology providers like us in order to support our clients and the overall industry during their “evolution”. Even more, considering that most of our clients are from those mature markets, we can use them as reference to our new projects here, applying and sharing our experience and thus achieving greater results.

Are there any unique challenges you face whilst working in the Middle East?

 The FM sector has become more important over the past few years in the region.

Nowadays, companies have begun to bear in mind building life-cycle costs, energy savings, preventive maintenance, the environment, etc. and FM plays a crucial role in this regards, but this “awareness” has been a long process and some companies had to learn it through trial and error, and this may mean wasting money.

FM companies have also learned that it is necessary to invest to be at the forefront of technology and thus provide a better and more effective service according to market needs. To achieve this, they do need powerful and reliable tools and especially comprehensive solutions which integrate data from different sources in order to obtain more accurate information and making decisions in a faster way, all this, instead of using different systems and spending more time, staff and resources.

We focus on offering comprehensive and, above all, user-friendly solutions to better help our clients in making their day-to-day tasks easier and more profitable.

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