ROSMIMAN® Facilities: The Must-Have CAFM System for FM in 2014

Since it provides comprehensive asset life cycle, maintenance and facility management for all asset types and services on a single unified web technology platform.

ROSMIMAN® Facilities has presence in the Middle East since 2009 and now, looking at the long term plans the company has for the GCC market, ROSMIMAN has recently moved permanently to the UAE with a local office in Dubai. The GCC area has turned out to be very receptive for the CAFM System ROSMIMAN® Facilities that already counts with numerous projects in this market adding up to the long list of projects accomplished worldwide.

ROSMIMAN® Facilities is a product 100% web enabled based in new technologies, characterized by its robustness and high reliability. It is both a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) as well as a CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system available in several languages that can be selected by the end user.

This dynamic solution covers all specific needs with its wide functionality, adapting perfectly to any requirement and business process since it can be easily customized. Some of the capabilities this system offers are Asset & Inventory Management, Corrective & Preventive Maintenance, Procurement, Material/Spare Parts, Multi-Warehouse, Employees and Contractors, Real Estate, Properties, Space Management with CAD, Space Reservation, Energy Optimization, Fleet Management, Cost and Budgets, Analysis and Statistics, Health & Safety, Dashboards, Reports, SLAs, KPIs etc.

ROSMIMAN® Facilities has the capability of interfacing with other systems like BMS, SCADA, ERP, TAMTAM Control Service, DEXMA Energy Management, HR & Financial Systems, Smart City Systems, etc. The system also offers the capability of working with barcodes, QR and RFID chips.

Keeping up with new technologies, ROSMIMAN® Facilities is in constant development improving thanks to the dedication of its R&D Team. It offers several mobility solutions including smartphone applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

This innovative product is focused on sectors such as Industry, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate & Facility Management, Professional Services, Public Administration & Smart Cities, Health, Environmental, Traffic, Transportation and Automotive. Since ROSMIMAN® Facilities can be applied to many sectors, is it possible to manage different industries and equipment types with just one solution, like fleets, buildings, industrial manufacturing, street assets, municipalities, etc.

ROSMIMAN® Facilities, a software solution that has been out in the market for 20 years, is endorsed for more than 5,000 users in over 15 countries. This system is for customers with development plans or projects to implement Asset Maintenance Management and Facility Management solutions; has the mission to help their customers, through advanced IT solutions, to manage more effectively all tasks related with asset maintenance.