Catalan Health Institute (ICS)

With a budget of 3,069 million euros and total staff of over 41,000 professionals, the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) is the largest public healthcare provider in Catalonia.

The ICS aims to make responsible provision to meet users’ needs and expectations, ensuring quality services whilst seeking a balance between sustainability and value.

285 Medical Centers &  159 Primary Attention Centers.

Location & date:

Catalan Health Institute (ICS)
Govern of Catalona, Barcelona (SPAIN)
January 2012

Scope of Work includes:

  1. Maintenance management and staff
  2. Field maintenance personnel
  3. Maintenance supervisors
  4. CMMS System Support and ITManagement
  5. CMMS System Administrators
  6. Maintenance contractors
  7. Supervision of maintenance contractors

Managed with Rosmiman®:

  • 57 Contractor Management Companies
  • 5.861 Total Service Requests.
  • 5.513 Total Work orders.
  • 341 Centers Inventory assets
  • 346 Current System Users.
  • 88 Existing external/managed services.