Introducing Rosmiman MMS into the US and Canadian Markets

Collaboration Advances Distribution of Rosmiman® MMS into Canada and US

Introducing Rosmiman MMS into the US and Canadian Markets

The Canadian Software developer Cara Information Systems Ltd. and the Spanish company Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. have been negotiating since the beginning of 2011 in order to close an agreement to distribute and launch Rosmiman® MMS in North America, Canada and USA. Cara and Rosmiman Software Corporation have met several times to discuss the agreement as well as to visit customers and prepare new projects for the implementation of the Maintenance Management System Rosmiman ® MMS.
During the month of July 2011 both companies signed the agreement to cooperate together in order to commercialize, implement and provide support and training services for Rosmiman Software Corporation’ Rosmiman® MMS software. The initial steps of the collaboration are taking place in British Columbia, Canada, where Rosmiman® Facilities was implemented during the year 2010.
Both companies are developing a strategic plan in order to launch Rosmiman ® MMS in the North American market and to increase brand awareness. There are already a few projects in the pipeline; very good opportunities are rising up for this new partnership.
About Cara Information Systems Ltd.

Cara Information Systems Ltd. is a software developer with expertise in developing business related applications and providing turn-key solutions.  Thirty three years in business sets them apart from most other software developing companies.  Successfully they’ve been developing and implementing custom software in manufacturing, rental, medical, and direct marketing environments.

Their value proposition is simply this; they strive to bring the very best development, implementation and training to all their clients. They have been doing this for over 30 years and their clients stay with them for an average of 19 years.

For further information: Cara Information Systems Ltd.

About Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L.

Rosmiman Software Corporation S.L. is an engineering company specialized in solutions for Asset Management and Maintenance based on the product Rosmiman® MMS. Our mission is to help our customers, through advanced IT solutions, to manage more effectively all tasks related with asset maintenance.

Thanks to its innovative architecture, flexibility, consistency and wide functionality Rosmiman® MMS has positioned itself in the international markets as one of the most competitive Asset Management and Maintenance System. Rosmiman® MMS is 100% Web Enabled; it is an excellent solution for the implementation of international projects for a comprehensive facilities management and maintenance, for both the public and private sectors. The tool is available in 8 languages, including Chinese, Turkish, and 3 Spanish local/regional languages.

Our offer is organized into specific vertical industries and is aimed at customers with development plans or initiatives for the implementation of solutions for asset management and maintenance in the Industry and Energy, Professional Services, Public Administration, Environment, Traffic and Transport and Health.

For further information: Rosmiman MMS Enterprise Asset Management