Client: Canal de Isabel II

Maintenance management of the infrastructure o f wastewater sanitation and purification of Canal Isabel II (Madrid – Spain)


Environment – Waste Water Treatment


Madrid – Spain



Solution Implemented and Components
Rosmiman® Water Cycle Management

Sanitation Division
Infrastructure Exploitation Department.

AEFM Scope of Work:

  • Equipment technical data sheet
  • List of exploded drawings, maintenance ins- tructions, greasing and lubrication.
  • Historical records of preventive maintenance.
  • Historical records of regulation maintenance.
  • Historical records of corrective maintenance.
  • Historical records of predictive maintenance and metrology.
  • Historical records of maintenance inspections by OCA regulations.

Managed with Rosmiman®:

  • 200 wastewater treatment plants
  • 50,000 assets managed by external contractors
  • 10,000 equipments managed by Canal de Isabel II
  • 5,000 different maintenance procedures
  • 20,000 operations defined for all these procedures.
  • 15,000 work orders per month and around 200,000 per year.